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Fix iTunes Error 29

How to Fix Error 29 on iPhone

Posted by Kate , Aug 25, 2017

The iPhone series products are always the never ending miracles. Many iPhone fans are crazy about every new iPhone SE product and will spare no efforts to have the new one. There is no doubt that the quality of every iPhone product is beyond the average. However, when there is something wrong, it will be more difficult to fix the device because of its unique equipment. For example, many users don't know what to do when error 29 appears on iPhone. Error 29, a quite common Apple error code on an iPhone or iTunes, can results in the abnormal performance of the device. The problem may results from a hardware problem as well as a software problem. But don't worry, the software can help you.
RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, the special recovery tool for iOS devices, can fix the error 29 on software problem and return it to normal.
Note: The software can't fix hardware problem.

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Part 1: What's Error 29 on iPhone

If your iPhone's operating system malfunctions, your phone will simply stop working. You will also get an Error 29 iPhone message, aka an iTunes Error 29. BTW, the "29" is just nerdy shorthand for "system failure". There are many reasons why your iPhone's operating system can malfunction, including:
1. changes in hardware, eg, replacing the battery, and then updating the operating system
2. problems with anti-virus and anti-malware applications
3. problems with iTunes
4. software bugs
5. problems updating the operating system (iOS)
All these may sound serious. But I am going to show you several things you can do to fix Error 29 on iPhone.

Part 2: How to Fix Error 29 on iPhone

Step 1. Make the Program Available

To begin with, download the software and install it on your computer. Run the program and then connect your iPhone or iPod to the computer by the USB cable. The program will detect your device.

Step 2. Select the "iOS System Recovery" Feature

The interface of the program will show up and provide you with several recovery modes. Just select the "iOS System Recovery" feature and click "Start" to go on.


Step 3. Download the Latest Firmware

The latest version of the firmware is needed if you want to fix the device. The program will automatically detect your device and provide you the latest firmware. Just follow the advice to download it.


Step 4. Fix the Error on iPhone

After the download process, the application will begin to repair the iOS device. The device will return to normal in few minutes. You just need to be patient and wait.


The above passage had showed you how to fix the error 29 on iPhone, I am convinced that you can learn a lot from it. Besides, the software can fix many other problems, including iPhone stuck in recovery mode, stuck on Apple logo, white screen and so on. If you need help, just download the software and have a try.

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Fix iTunes Error 29

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