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iCloud Keeps Asking for Password

iCloud Keeps Asking for Password on iPhone or iPad

Posted by Aimee , Dec 11, 2019

"I forgot the password for the old email account used to register for the Apple ID, and iCloud keeps asking me to enter the password for the old account. It's annoying. Later, I changed the Apple ID to a new email address. After the change, iTunes and the app store can be used normally. However, iCloud still reminds me to enter the password of the old email account. This will not happen on my iPad. Endless inquiries by iCloud have disrupted my life. But no relevant solutions were found on forums such as Apple and MacWorld. I hope someone can help me solve this problem as soon as possible. "
When using iPhone or iPad, many users also encounter iCloud sign-in loop bugs. iPhone will keep asking for your iCloud account and password. Entering the correct Apple ID and password did not resolve the issue. After a while, you will be asked to enter your iCloud account and password again. This process is repeated over and over. For this reason, this article gives some solutions to the problem of iCloud circular login.

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Ways to prevent iCloud from requiring you to log in repeatedly on your iPhone or iPad

1. Some iCloud login loop bugs are caused by device failure. You can power off the device and restart it to resolve the issue. This method can solve many problems caused by iOS errors.
- Press and hold the "Sleep / Wake" button until the option "Slide To Power Off" appears.
- Slide the power icon to the right.
- After the device is shut down, press the "Sleep / Wake" button to restart it.
2. Sign out of iCloud and sign in again.
Tap Settings> Select iCloud> Find the "Sign Out" button> Click "Delete from iPhone"> Re-click "Sign In"> Enter the device's Apple ID and Password
3. Reset your Apple ID password. Normally, you can log in to this Apple website to reset your password.
Enter the URL appleid.apple.com> Tap "Reset your password"> Before clicking Next, enter your Apple ID> Answer the correct security question> Enter and confirm a new password> Click the "Reset Password" button.
4. Log in to https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/ and check the working status of iCloud on the Apple side.
5. Restore the device using an iOS backup file. If you have used iTunes to back up your data, you can use your existing backup file to restore your device.
6. If the above method does not fix your problem, then you can upgrade iOS through RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. This recovery tool is used to fix an issue where iCloud keeps asking for a password on iPhone or iPad. And this method can fix this bug without losing data, but it is only suitable for some specific cases.
- Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and launch this repair tool.
- Choose the "iOS System Recovery" repair feature and click the "Start" button. If the device cannot be identified, then you need to enter DFU / Recovery Mode.

Fix iCloud Bug

- The device details will be displayed on the software interface. Then click the "Download" button.


- After the repair is completed, the iCloud keeps asking for a password error can be stopped.

iCloud Keeps Asking for Password

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iCloud Keeps Asking for Password

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