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The Best iOS Tool to Downgrade iOS Software

Posted by Aimee , Jan 27, 2020

"Help! How do I downgrade to iOS 11? iOS 12 ruined my battery life and caused my device to error."
Don't worry, you are not alone. Many iPhone users have encountered this problem. Using the iOS downgrade tool is the most convenient solution to this problem. Please note that you need a reliable program, otherwise your device may get stuck or lose all data completely. Now in this article, we will introduce some excellent iOS downgrade software.

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Part 1: The best iOS downgrade tool

Among all iOS downgrade tools, we highly recommend RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which provides a cheap and professional solution to repair iOS devices. And it can downgrade iPhone to stable version without causing any data loss.
Before downgrading, you can also use this tool's "Data Backup & Restore" function to backup iOS files. Then follow the steps below to downgrade your iDevice.
Step 1: Download and launch the iOS repair tool. Then connect your iPhone to your computer via USB. Select "iOS System Recovery" to continue.

iOS System Recovery

Step 2: Tap the "Start" button in the software interface. Then select fix mode.


Step 3: The program will automatically extract detailed information about your device and display it on the interface. If you want to downgrade your iOS, please change the current system version to the existing stable version. Then start the process.
Step 4: After downloading, you can downgrade your iPhone.

The Best iOS Downgrade Tool

Part 2: Top 5 iOS Downgrade Tools in 2020

Tool 1: Tinyumbrella
Tinyumbrella can be used to enter or exit recovery mode. Also, you can use it to force the installation of iOS for free downgrade. Before using it, you need to download the relevant IPSW file in advance. For better results, you better jailbreak your iPhone. However, the program cannot remove the jailbreak. You need other professional unjailbreak tools. Meanwhile, Tinyumbrella will delete existing data on the device after downgrading iOS.
1. Free.
2. Restart the device in recovery mode.
3. Solve the issue of iOS stuck in recovery mode.
1. Difficult to use.
2. Only for Windows.
3. Low success rate.
4. Will delete the data on the phone.


Tool 2: TaigOne Downgrader
If your iOS device has been jailbroken, you can try TaigOne Downgrader. However, the software will cause data loss. In addition, it is not applicable to the latest iOS models, such as iPhone XR, XS Max, etc.
1. Free of charge.
2. Download firmware automatically.
1. It will erase data on iPhone.
2. Only for jailbroken iPhone.
3. Unable to support the latest firmware update.
Tool 3: ReiBoot
It supports all iOS devices and also can fix iOS related vulnerabilities. It may cause loss of files on iOS devices.
1. Easy to use.
2. Support for various iOS devices.
3. High success rate.
1. Expensive.
2. There is a certain probability that the data on the phone will be deleted.
Tool 4: iMyfone Fixppo
iMyfone Fixppo is another good option you can try. It can solve various problems such as death screen, device stuck on Apple logo, screen not responding, etc.
1. Need to pay.
2. It does not support iOS 12.3 or iOS 12.2.
Tool 5: iAnyGo
Although a trial version of the iOS downgrade tool is available for free, it does not meet your requirements.
1. Easy to use.
2. You can choose to downgrade the iOS version.
1. Not free.
2. iOS 12.3 or 12.2 is not supported.
3. Data on your phone may be deleted.


Just select the above downgrade software to downgrade your iOS, which is really worth a try.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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