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iOS Video Bug

How to Fix the iOS Video Bug

Posted by Aimee , Aug 31, 2019

"Help! There must be something wrong with my iPhone 6s. recently my device has slowed down over time, and today it's totally frozen, I can't see a video anymore? How can I fix the iOS video bug?"
Well, many iPhone users have been afflicted with the iOS video bug already. Most of them know nothing to do. But as the saying goes, the ways to overcome difficulties always surpass difficulties itself. In this article, solutions to fix iOS video bug is provided for all of you.

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Part 1: Fix iOS video bug through hard reset

- Hold down the Power button.
- Keep holding the Power button and also press down on the lower volume button.
- Keep holding both of them down till the Apple logo appears again.
If the above solution didn't help, you need to put your device into DFU mode:
1. Turn off your iPhone and connect it to the PC via USB. Make sure the iTunes is on.
2. Hold down The Power button for 3s.
3. Hold down the lower volume button together with the Power button.
4. Hold down both of them for 10s. However, it shouldn't be so long that you see the Apple logo, the screen should remain blank.
5. Now release the Power button but keep holding down the lower volume button for 5s. The screen should remain blank throughout.
6. Now you'll get a dialogue telling you that the iPhone is in Recovery mode.
7. In the iTunes screen, you can see the following message: "If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone, you can restore its original settings by clicking Restore iPhone."
8. You can now restore your iPhone, or exit the DFU mode by pressing the lower volume button till the Apple logo appears.
Note: this method would cause severe data loss, so please make a backup in advance.

Part 2: Fix iOS video bug without data loss using RecoveryTool

If the data on your device is too precious to lose, you'd better try RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. It preserves all your important data. So read on to find the answer out.
Step 1: launch and run the software on your PC. Click More Tool, then select iOS System Recovery. After it, connect your iOS device to the PC using a USB. As long as the program recognizes your iPhone, click Start.

RecoveryTool Fix Recovery


Step 2: Now you are required to tap on Repair to download the latest firmware.

Fix iOS Video Bug

Step 3: When the download process is OK, the program will start to fix your iOS device automatically. Then your device will be restarted in normal within 5 minutes. So congratulations! You've to get rid of the iOS video bug without losing any precious data.


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