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iPad Can't Slide to Unlock

How to Fix iPad Cannot Slide to Unlock

Posted by Aimee , Oct 08, 2020

"I was reading an e-book on my iPad last night. For some reason, I had to stop reading. After I put the iPad on hold for about 15 minutes, the iPad screen was locked and could not be swiped to unlock. I tried to reset my iPad Touch, but invalid. Please help!"
iPad suddenly cannot slide to unlock? Many users mentioned this problem. This error will make people unable to use their iOS devices. Why does the slide unlock function fail? How to fix it? These two topics are the purpose of writing this article. When you encounter this problem, read this article to quickly fix the iPad that cannot be swiped to unlock.

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Part 1: Factors that cause iPad sliding to unlock not working

There are many reasons for an abnormal slide unlock. You need to find the corresponding reason for your iPad.
1. The screen protector reduces the sensitivity of the iPad touch screen.
2. There is water, dust, or dirt on the touch screen of the iPad.
3. iOS system failure or application bug.
4. After the iPad is locked for a long time, the slide to unlock function will stop working.

Slide to Unlock

After determining the cause of the failure, you should check whether there is an iPad backup file available. If you have never done a backup, you can use iTunes or iCloud for data backup. In addition, you can also use the "iOS Data Backup & Restore" function in RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery to back up files.

Part 2: The right way to fix the iPad cannot slide to unlock

1. After installing the screen protector, sliding to unlock does not work. The solution is to uninstall the protective film and use another one.

iPad Screen Protector

2. You can use a clean towel to wipe foreign objects on the touch screen.
3. Force restart iPad.
- Press and release the Volume Up button.
- Then press and release the Volume Down button.
- Long press the power button until the iPad restarts.
4. Restore iPad to factory settings.
- Find the "Settings" item and go to "General".
- After clicking "Reset", you will need to tap "Erase All Content and Settings".
- Click "Erase iPad" and confirm.

Factory Settings

If you have performed a data backup before, you can use iTunes or iCloud to restore files. If you have not done a backup, you can only try iPad data recovery tool to recover some files. Therefore, this method should only be used as a last resort.
5. For the occasional scenario where sliding to unlock fails, you can use "Calculator" to test the screen sensitivity.
- Try to open "Control Center", click on the "Calculator" icon to open it.
- Tap the numbers and symbols on the calculator interface.
If it is a screen failure, you can only contact the App Store for help. They have professional hardware repair programs.
6. Upgrade the iPad to the latest version of iOS.
Before updating to iOS 14, check your iPad compatibility on Apple's official website.
- Tap the "Settings" icon on the Home screen.
- Go to "General" and click "Software Update".
- When there is an update available, just tap "Download and Install" to update.
In addition, you can upgrade your iPad to the latest version with the help of iTunes.
7. Use third-party tools to solve problems.
When the normal iOS update method is invalid, you may wish to consider using RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which can quickly repair iOS system errors and software bugs.
- Download iOS System Recovery on RecoveryTool, and then install it on your computer.
- Double-click the software icon on the computer desktop and select the "iOS System Recovery" function in the program interface.

iOS Recovery Tool

- After connecting the iPad to the computer, click the "Start" button.


- Correct the iPad information, and then download the firmware to fix the problem that slides unlock does not work. Wait a few minutes to complete the repair.

Download The Firmware

This software is often used to fix iPhone voice mail not working properly, iOS upgrade error, iPhone camera black screen, blue screen error, etc. Therefore, it also applies to this problem.

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iPad Can't Slide to Unlock

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