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iPad is Frozen on Apple Logo

How to Fix an iPad that is Frozen on Apple Logo

Posted by Aimee , Feb 26, 2018

Many users had the experience that their iPads freeze on apple logo and they didn't know how to solve it. Even worse, those iPads can't be connected to the iTunes or computer too. So how to fix an iPad that is frozen on apple logo and recover data on them safely? It used to be a very difficult problem. But now, with the help of a special recovery tool, it will be easy and effective. Here we recommend you the RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, the professional software for iOS users. It can fix iPad frozen screen, black screen, recovery mode and so on. What is more, it can help to recover your lost data. Almost all kinds of devices are available.

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Part 1: Reason that iPad stuck on Apple Logo

To know how to fix iPad stuck at Apple logo boot loop, you may first need to know why iOS devices like iPad frozen on Apple logo. Usually there are at least 6 situations that lead an iPad stuck on Apple logo:
1. Failure of updating iOS to a newer version;
2. Failure of restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup files;
3. Problems appeared during the jailbreaking process;
4. Running an expired beta version of iOS;
5. Issues happened during the file transfer from iPod, iPad or iPhone to computer due to the interruption of the security software on your computer, defective USB cables, or faulty USB ports.
6. Hardware problems due to iPod, iPad or iPhone's falling on the ground, in the water, or anything else that causes damage to the device.

Part 2: How to Fix an iPad that is Frozen on Apple Logo

Step 1. Launch the Program

Download the software on your computer and then install it. After launching the program, there are several recovery modes for you to choose. Here let's select "iOS System Recovery" and then click on "Start" to go on.

iPad Frozen on Apple Logo

Step 2. Download the Latest Firmware

In this process, the program will detect your device automatically and provide you with the latest version of the firmware. To fix your frozen iPad, the firmware is necessary, so just follow the advice to download it.

iPad Freeze on Apple Logo

Step 3. Fix the Frozen iPad

The process will take you a few minutes. Once finished, the program will begin repairing your device. The repairing process won't take you a lot and once it is done, the program will notify you that your iPad will now restart in "normal mode".

Freeze on Apple Logo

Okay, the passage above had showed you what to do when iPad is frozen. Once your iPad stucks in apple logo, you can just download it and have a try.

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iPad is Frozen on Apple Logo

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