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iPhone Screen is Shattered or Smashed

iPhone Screen is Shattered or Smashed! How to Recover Data

Posted by Aimee , Nov 05, 2019

"When I got out of the car, my iPhone 8 Plus fell out of my pocket. The screen was broken and couldn't be used normally.  I evaluated the cost of replacing the iPhone screen. It would take a few hundred dollars. This is a big expense for me. Has anyone else shattered the iPhone screen?" 
For the iPhone that has been in use for a few years, it does not have much maintenance value. The most important things are pictures, SMS, contacts, videos, reminders and other data. So, if you can extract these important data from the damaged iPhone, then the broken iPhone will not need to be repaired. Of course, if only the iPhone screen is smashed, it is not difficult to recover data from the broken iPhone.

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Part 1: iPhone screen replacement fee in United States

If your phone is still under warranty and only the screen is damaged, the screen repair fee will only cost $29. However, if your phone has been out of warranty or has not paid $5.99 for AppleCare+ coverage, your screen repair costs will be at least $129. Moreover, the cost of screen replacement at Apple Authorized Service Providers will be more expensive. For more official service support, click on "iPhone Repair and Service".
In general, we would advise users to take the damaged iPhone to the Apple store or a licensed service provider for repair. That way, the phone screen can be replaced on the same day. If you don't have a licensed service provider or Apple store nearby, you can only mail to Apple. Screen repairs will take more time. Of course, if you choose a cheap repair shop for repairs, you should first back up your data. Unofficial repair services may result in damage to the equipment.

iPhone Screen is Shattered

Part 2: How to retrieve data from a broken screen iPhone

If your iPhone screen is smashed or shattered, you are not going to fix it. Then you can refer to this method to extract the phone data.
Method 1: Restore data from iTunes or iCloud
If you have backed up your data in iTunes or iCloud, you can extract your data via iTunes or iCloud. In addition, with the iPhone Data Recovery feature of RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery, you can preview iTunes or iCloud backup files. And selectively restore your data.
Method 2: Recover data directly from the iPhone with broken screen
If you are unfortunately not using iTunes or iCloud to back up your data, then you need to retrieve data from your screen shredded phone using RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery.
1. Select the "iPhone Data Recovery" feature.
RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery

2. Connect iPhone to your computer before clicking "Recover from iOS Device".

Recover from iOS Device

3. After clicking "Start Scan", the tool will scan your phone's data.
4. Tap "Recover" to save the data to your computer.

iPhone screen is smashed or shattered

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iPhone Screen is Shattered or Smashed

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