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iPhone Screen Won't Rotate

My iPhone Screen Won't Rotate: Here's Solutions

Posted by Aimee , Feb 23, 2019

Apple, in general, is well-known for its top-class software, durability and elegant design. Owning a brand new iPhone X in hand, you must be very excited. However, nothing in this world is perfect, and iPhone is not the exception. For example, the iPhone screen won't rotate is a common problem that is faced by lots of users. Now let's walk through this article and find out the real fix to such issue.

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Part 1: Why does my iPhone won't rotate and how to fix it

1: Screen rotation could be locked
When the screen rotation lock is engaged. Your device's screen won't be reorienting itself in any direction. To disengage the screen rotation lock on an iOS device, you need to enter the Control Center > Locate the button for the screen rotation lock > Press the Home button or swipe down from the top of your device's screen to dismiss the Control Center and go back to wherever you were before.
2: The App you are using might not support screen rotation
In fact, many apps for iOS devices simply don't let the device switch its screen orientation to landscape/portrait in order to preserve functionality. Simply go into an app that you know for sure supports changes to screen orientation (the Photos app, for example) and see if your device's screen rotates while you're using that app. If your device's screen doesn't reorient itself in accordance with its physical orientation even while you're in the Photos app, the app isn't the one to blame in your case.
3. Display Zoom might be interfering with screen rotation
To disable Display Zoom on your device, you need to locate and tap on Settings > scroll down to and tap on Display & Brightness > under the Display Zoom section, tap on View > Tap on Standard to select it as the default level of zoom > tap on Set > tap on Use Standard > Then your device will restart. Later you'll see that Display Zoom has been disabled and that your device is once again able to change its screen orientation while you are on the home screen.

Part 2: How to fix the problem without data loss

If the above methods didn't solve your problem, you should consider it is an iOS system issue issue. That is to say, you need professional software to repair your iPhone. In this part, we highly recommend RecoveryTool Fix Recovery. And during the repairing, all your data are safe and secure. Steps are as below:
Step 1: Download and launch the software on your PC, then connect your iPhone to the system. Once the program detects your device, click on "iOS System Recovery".


Step 2: As long as the program detect your iPhone, tap on "Start" to go on.


Step 3: Now you are required to fill the basic correct details about your iPhone. Then select "Repair" next. 

iPhone Screen Won't Rotate

Step 4: Once the download is OK, hit on "Fix Now". Then the software will begin to repair your device automatically. A few minutes later, your device will reboot in normal mode, and no data will be lost.


No matter the problem is on hardware or software, we always have the expert solutions to help you solve your iPhone issues. So just download and try now!

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iPhone Screen Won't Rotate

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