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iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

[Solved] iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Posted by Aimee , Dec 16, 2020

"iPhone SE reminds me that the storage space is full and needs to be restarted. After doing this, the iPhone cannot wake up and the screen is stuck in recovery mode. I have done many attempts, such as hard restarting and restoring factory settings. The phone has been unable to skip the white Apple logo. Please help me solve the problem. Kind regards."
When a jailbreak or other improper operation damages the iOS system, you can put the iOS device in recovery mode to solve the problem. However, some users report that iPhone is stuck in recovery mode and cannot be restored. People can no longer access data on their mobile phones. The good news is that you don't need to sell or throw away the device. This article will introduce several feasible solutions to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.

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What is the iPhone recovery mode?

Recovery mode is a special fault protection function. When the iOS system fails, the iPhone will go to this special state. To fix it, you need to reinstall the iOS firmware.

Why is the iPhone stuck in recovery mode?

Hardware failure and iOS system file corruption are the two main reasons that cause the iPhone to get stuck in recovery mode. If it is a hardware failure, you need to send the iPhone to an Apple Store or an Apple-authorized service provider for repair. If the iOS system file is damaged, there is still a chance to repair it through the following methods.

Solution 1: Force restart to make iPhone exit recovery mode

In most cases, using a forced restart can end the recovery mode without using a computer. Of course, a forced restart is different from an ordinary restart. The steps are slightly different depending on the iPhone model.
iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, or later:
1. Press and release the "Volume Up" key. Then immediately press and release the "Volume Down" key.
2. Tap the "Power" button until the iPhone restarts.
iPhone 7:
Press the "Power" button and the "Volume Down" button at the same time until the device restarts.
iPhone 6S and earlier models:
Press and hold the "Power" button and the "Home" button at the same time until the iPhone restarts.

Force Restart

Solution 2: Get iPhone out of recovery mode via iOS repair tool

When talking about how to exit iPhone recovery mode, most people also think of using iTunes to solve this problem, but the disadvantage is that there is a risk of data loss. Other solutions will restore the device to factory settings, which means permanent loss of iOS device data. Now there is another simple and time-saving way to safely exit the iPhone from recovery mode. All you need to do is to download RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, which helps you fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode without losing any data in a few steps. Try it!
1. Install the iOS system recovery software on your computer.
2. Run this tool and connect iPhone to the PC.
3. After clicking "More" in the software interface, select the "iOS System Recovery" function. Then the program will detect your iPhone and point out that it is not in normal mode.

iOS System Recovery Function

4. Click "Start". Select the correct iPhone model and click "Download" to fix the problem. This will take some time.

Fix iOS System


It is quite simple and fast. The "iOS System Recovery" function on RecoveryTool software will restore your iPhone to a normal state and fix the error of stuck in recovery mode. In addition, this method is also quite effective for other iOS system issues.

Solution 3: Use iTunes or Finder to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode

When the iPhone stays in recovery mode, the computer or iTunes symbol on the screen will prompt you to restore it using the computer. But this will delete all content and data in the iPhone. If you have iTunes or iCloud backup files available, it is reliable to use iTunes or Finder to end the recovery mode of the iOS device card.
1. Update iTunes or Finder to the latest version on the computer. Then connect the iPhone to the PC via a USB cable.
2. Different operating systems need to click in different ways.
Windows or earlier macOS versions:
After running iTunes, click the iPhone icon in the upper left corner.
macOS Catalina and above:
After opening the Finder, you can select iPhone in the sidebar.
3. Select the "Restore iPhone" item in the next interface. Then confirm that you want to restore the iPhone. All data and content on the iPhone will be erased.

Restore iPhone

4. Keep the iPhone connected to the computer until the new version of iOS is installed.
5. This will take some time. Then your iPhone will restart and the "Hello" screen will pop up.

Solution 4: Go to Apple Store to arrange a physical repair

If you have tried all the above methods but the iPhone is still stuck in recovery mode, it is necessary to contact the Apple Store, Apple Service Center, or an authorized Apple service provider. Your iPhone is probably damaged in hardware and needs repair. This is free for iPhones covered by Apple's one-year limited warranty, AppleCare protection plan, or AppleCare+, but the data on your iOS device may be lost due to repair.

Apple Store

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iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

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