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iPhone Volume Button Stuck

Solutions to Fix iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working

Posted by Aimee , Apr 20, 2019

It is common that an iPhone volume button may get stuck sometimes. It could be caused by a hardware problem, dirt or even a damaged volume button. No matter what the causes are, it may result in a lot of inconveniences. Without the volume button, you can’t turn up or down the volume. Even worse, most of the quick operations are unavailable. Therefore, the problem is in urgent need to be solved. So here we are going to show you how to fix the iPhone Volume Button not working problem.

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Part 1. Ways to fix iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working

Here are some convenient ways for you to fix the problem.
First, make a cleaning.
You can clean the volume buttons, the charge port and the headphone jack first. Use a cotton bud soaked in water and gently rubbing them to remove debris, dust and dirt.
Second, squeeze the Volume Button.
If there isn't a clicking sound when you press the button, the button may just suck inside, so squeeze it can help.
Third, restore iPhone to Factory Settings.
It is a powerful way to fix almost all the problem, but it will lean all the data on your phone. So remember to backup your iPhone to iTunes and then restore your phone. In this way, your phone will be set up as a new device.
Fourth, check the Hardware Issue.
If you have dropped your phone or damage it in other ways, it is possible to cause the hardware damage, which can result in the volume button problem. So check the hardware issue and see if it is needed to be fixed.
Fifth, turn to Apple Store for help.
It the methods above can't help and you don't want to fix the phone by using another recovery tool, you can turn to an Apple Store for help.

Part 2. Fix iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working with RecoveryTool

If the methods in part one can't help, you can use a professional recovery tool to get some help. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is a powerful recovery tool and it can fix almost all the operation issues.
First, download the software.
Download and launch it on the computer and connect your phone to it. Choose the "iOS System Recovery" mode and go on.


Second, download the suitable firmware.
The program will soon detect your device automatically and then provide you with the latest firmware to download. It is necessary so just download it.


iPhone Volume Button Stuck

Third, fix the stuck iPhone Volume Buttons.
The program will begin to fix your device as soon as the downloading process is finished. You just need to be patient and wait.


The passage above had showed you many different ways to fix the problem. I hope it can help, for more details, you can download the RecoveryTool Fix Recovery and have a try.

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iPhone Volume Button Stuck

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