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iTunes is Currently Downloading Software for iPhone

How to Solve iTunes is Currently Downloading Software for the iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Jul 03, 2019

"iTunes is currently downloading software for the iPhone"
As a long-term Apple user, you must have seen such a message quite often as it occurs here and there. So annoying, isn't it? Haha, take it easy, this error isn't something to worry about as it is a software update error that almost every users have been seeing. And luckily there are many solutions in this article. Let's proceed!

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Part 1: Common solutions to Solve iTunes is Currently Downloading Software

"iTunes is currently Downloading Software for the iPhone" generally pops up when you plan to update the software or reinstating your iPhone. As such, there is no particular time for such an error iTunes is downloading a software update for this iPhone stuck. This type of error may cause many issues which confine you downloading other software or may disturb the normal working of the device. Let’s go through and follow the guidance below.
Solution 1: Reset the network settings. Just try working on a steady connection of network or set on and off Air Plane mode and update it again.
Solution 2: Restore from old iTunes backup.
- Launch iTunes software on your PC.
- Connect your device to the PC with USB.
- Please remember clicking on the backup to make sure that your data is well saved once it is restored.
- You can now select Setup as a new iPhone or Restore from this backup and then click on Continue.
All is done.
Solution 3: Recover iPhone in recovery mode. Follow the step-by-step below:
- Firstly, connect your device to your PC and keep your iTunes open. Then you will see a pop-up message appear saying that the iPhone is in "recovery mode" and needs restoration.
- Now, choose the device appearing on the toolbar then Summary tab to tap on Restore.
- Finally, follow the instructions on iTunes to backup the iPhone settings. Now you can restore your device settings to the initial ones.

Part 2: Fix any iPhone issues with RecoveryTool

If you prefer a one-touch solution, then the software can be your best partner. It can help you fix most of the iOS related issues without causing any data loss.
Step 1: First and foremost, download and launch the program on your C, then connect your iOS device to PC using a USB cable. Choose "iOS System Recovery" from the interface.


Step 2: Now, you need to switch the Power off which has the function of the program device to volume down and power for over 10s. This process should take at least 4 minutes. During this process, if you see the data you're looking for, then you can release on the "Power" button and the volume down till you get DFU mode.

DFU Mode

Step 3: As long as the download is OK, a firmware result will be displayed on your device. By checking the data, you can restore and review the data when you have the issue "iTunes is downloading a software update for this iPhone stuck".


Step 4: Now start to fix the error. Click on Fix Now and you'll get the iPhone back to normal again.


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iTunes is Currently Downloading Software for iPhone

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