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Messenger Keeps Crashing on iPhone

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Mar 20, 2021

"The Facebook messenger application has been unable to open these days and it always crashes. I have restarted the iPhone and still cannot run this app. Some people say it is a problem but there is no useful answer. Is this only happening on my iPhone XR?
Facebook Messenger is a popular communication application. Although it has undergone several major updates, there is still the possibility of a crash. The Facebook Messenger app keeps crashing on iOS devices is not a single case. You can see discussions about the continued crash of Facebook Messenger on Reddit, Apple, and MacRumors forums. In order to get people out of this predicament, we have put forward some useful suggestions in this article.

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Restart iPhone and Facebook Messenger

You can restart your phone and apps in the usual way.
1. Go to "Settings" and click "General".
2. Tap "Shut Down" to turn off the iPhone.
3. Restart your iOS device.
4. Click the icon of Facebook Messenger to restart it.

Force restart iPhone with a frozen screen

Facebook Messenger keeps crashing causing the screen to freeze. You need to force restart the device.
For iPhone 6s and earlier models
1. Press and hold the "Power" button & the "Home" button at the same time.
2. Continue for about ten seconds until you see the Apple logo appear.
For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus
1. Press and hold the "Power" button & the "Volume Down" button at the same time for about 10 seconds.
2. Only let go after seeing the Apple logo.
For iPhone 8 and above
1. Press and release the "Volume Up" button.
2. Press and release the "Volume Down" button.
3. Long press the "Power" button until the Apple logo pops up on the screen.

Upgrade the Facebook Messenger app to the latest version

1. Click "Updates" on the bottom menu of the App Store.
2. Check if Facebook Messenger has updates waiting to be processed.
3. Click "Update" to upgrade this application.
4. After the upgrade is completed, restart your iPhone.

Re-install the Facebook Messenger app

1. Long press the icon of the Facebook Messenger app on the "Home" screen.
2. Click the "Delete App" option to uninstall this app.
3. Go to the App Store to reinstall the Facebook Messenger app. 

Reset network settings

Switching from 4G to WiFi or from WiFi to 4G can be one way. If you still cannot stop the crash, then you can try to reset the network settings.
1. Go to "Settings" and click "General".
2. Click "Reset Network Settings" in the "Reset" item.

Clean application cache and data

Clearing the cache and temporary files of the application can prevent Facebook Messenger from crashing.
1. Open "Settings" and select "General".
2. Go to the "iPhone Storage" section.
3. Check the available storage space of the iPhone.
4. Scroll down to view the data status of the Facebook Messenger app. Then clean up the iPhone cache here.

Techniques for powerfully repairing iPhone crashes

When the conventional methods do not work, professional restoration programs are very important. RecoveryTool Fix Recovery is one of the best, it is defined as an iOS system problem repair expert. Therefore, there is a high probability that it can fix the problem of Facebook Messenger keeps crashing.
1. Download the repair tool to the computer. After the installation is completed, double-click the software icon to run it.
2. After clicking the "More Tools" section, select the "iOS System Recovery" function.

iOS System Recovery

3. After the iPhone is connected to the computer, the iPhone will be guided to the recovery mode or DFU mode.
4. Confirm the iPhone model and other information on the software interface. Then click the "Repair" button.


5. After the download process is over, the Facebook Messenger app crashing issue will be resolved.

Repairing iPhone Crashes

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Messenger Keeps Crashing on iPhone

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