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Retrieve Deleted Emails on iPhone

How to Recover Deleted Emails on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Aug 15, 2020

"I have about 100 emails in my inbox. I performed an iOS update a few hours ago. All the old emails are gone. Pull down from the bottom, but only some of them are displayed. In addition, These missing emails are not in the trash. 
They are what I need urgently. This is a fatal blow to me. I have searched for the problem on Bing and Google. I have tried some methods but they are useless. Are there other ways to recover these emails? Thanks in advance! "
The Mail application allows people to conveniently view all mail on the iPhone. In some situations, people may accidentally delete some important emails. If you accidentally fall into this predicament, you can read this article to recover your lost email. This is the ultimate guide on retrieving lost emails on iPhone. It will help you whenever and wherever.

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Part 1: All solutions to retrieve deleted emails on iPhone

After losing important data, what people urgently need is to retrieve them instead of exploring why the emails on their phones disappeared.
1. Recover the email that was just deleted.
- Enable the Mail app on the iPhone, then shake the phone back and forth.
- Stop shaking your iPhone when the "Undo Trash" notification pops up on the phone screen. Then you can click "Undo" to undo the deleted email.
Tip: E-mails deleted on the Mail app can be retrieved by this method.
2. Retrieve deleted emails.
If you haven't emptied your email trash, there is still a chance to retrieve them.
The operation process using Gmail as an example is as follows:
- Enter the email website on the browser, and then log in to your Gmail account.
- Click the "Trash Bin" item to find the deleted mail. Then click "Move to Inbox" to restore your email.
If you have installed the Gmail app on your iPhone, you can also restore email directly on the device.
- Run your Mail application and click "Mailboxes".
- Search for lost emails in "Trash", "Junk" or "Bin" items. Then click "Edit".
- Select the email you want to retrieve and click "Move".
- Select the location to restore the email.
3. Recover emails archived on iPhone.
To find archived emails you need to follow these step-by-step instructions.
- Run the Mail app on the iPhone, and then tap "Mailboxes" on the screen.
- Go to "All Email". Then you can find archived emails and other emails. All types of emails are mixed together. At this point, you have to swipe left on the screen. Then click the "More" item.
- You need to click "Other Mailbox". After entering this menu, select one of the locations to restore archived emails.
Undeleting emails on iPhone is not one of the 10 common problems, but the problem of data loss is still worthy of attention.

Part 2: Recover email attachments on iPhone

If you don't find the attachment of the deleted email, then RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery can relieve this trouble for you. Although the tool cannot retrieve emails directly, it is easy to save the attachments of emails.
1. Download this iPhone recovery tool and install it on your computer. Before enabling the program, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer.
2. Click "iPhone Data Recovery" to go to the next step. Then select "Recover from iOS Device" mode.

RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery

Recover from iOS Device Mode

3. When you click the "Start Scan" button, the software will start scanning the data on your phone.
4. Click the Photos, Audio, Videos, and Document items in the left column of the software interface to view the scanned content. Of course, you can also choose one of them according to the type of the lost file. Find and mark the email attachment you want, and then tap the "Recover" button to save it to your PC.


It is not difficult to retrieve emails and their attachments by following the above operations. They are all great iOS undelete solutions.

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Retrieve Deleted Emails on iPhone

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