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Retrieve Photos from Broken iPhone

How to Recover Photos from Broken iPhone

Posted by RecoveryTool , Apr 05, 2022

"The iPhone slid from the pocket to the ground and damaged the screen. Although the phone display was working, the touch didn't work. I've contacted Genius to have it repaired tomorrow, but I'm worried that the photos on the device will be lost or damaged. And I haven't done any backups for my iPhone, so I take that very seriously. Is there a good way to retrieve pictures from a broken iPhone? I would appreciate any help."
The above is a typical case. Nowadays, many people are used to saving photos on their iPhones. This may be convenient, but it may not be appropriate if you don't have a habit of backing up or syncing data. Once your iPhone is damaged or unusable, you may lose all those photos. How to get photos of a broken iPhone in this situation? Unlike Genius Bars or officially authorized repair shops, RecoveryTool focuses more on helping iOS users extract precious pictures from damaged iPhones.

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Part 1: How to recover photos from broken iPhone without backup

The most convenient way to restore pictures from a damaged iPhone is to use damaged iPhone data recovery software. And RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery is one of the best tools. It not only retrieves images for you but also various other types of data for you.
1. First, download and install this RecoveryTool iOS data recovery program on your computer. After running it, you can select the "iPhone Data Recovery" feature.
Damaged iPhone data recovery software

2. There are multiple recovery modes on the software interface. Here you can select the "Recover from iOS Device" item. Then connect your broken iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.
3. The iPhone may then ask you to click the "Trust" button to allow the connection. If you cannot click or bypass it because your iPhone is severely damaged, you can only use the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" or "Recover from iCloud Backup File" function to extract pictures or files from backup files selectively.
4. Click the "Start Scan" button, and the program will scan all data on your device.
5. All retrieved file types will be listed. Then you can preview the data found on the damaged iPhone, such as pictures.
6. Check the photos you want to restore and click "Recover" to keep them on your computer.
Recover Photos from Broken iPhone

Part 2: How to get photos from a broken iPhone (via backup file)

If you have made a backup of your damaged iPhone, then RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery is highly recommended to help you extract the data. With this professional tool, you can preview and selectively restore your images. If you prefer to use the official method to get pictures of a broken iPhone, you can refer to the steps below.

Restore iTunes Backup File of Broken iPhone to Another iOS Device

Apple allows users to restore iTunes backup files to other iOS devices, but incompatible content will not be transferred. In addition, this kind of restore cannot specify the content and can only restore the entire backup file to another device.
1. Run iTunes on your usual computer and update it to the latest version.
2. Then connect your other iOS device to the computer. You'll need to follow the on-screen prompts to make your device trust this computer.
3. Find your device name on the software interface and click it.
4. After selecting "Restore Backup", you will be able to select your target backup file in the pop-up window.
5. Select the backup data you want and click "Restore".
6. Keep your iDevice connected to the computer until the sync is complete.

Get pictures back from the iCloud backup file of the broken iPhone

1. Visit the official website iCloud.com on other devices and log in to your account.
2. Then, you can click on the "Photos" item.
3. Finally, you can download all the pictures from the damaged iPhone to another device.

Get pictures back from the iCloud backup file

Part 3: What to do when your iPhone is broken

A broken home button, cracked screen, broken charging port, and cracked back of the phone are all common signs of a broken iPhone. Some users will be overwhelmed by the sudden situation of iPhone damage. So what to do in these cases?
1. Try to extract the data from the damaged iPhone first, which can avoid the loss of your data to the greatest extent. If this measure does not work, you should move to the second step.
2. The damaged iPhone can be repaired at Apple Store, Apple Repair or Apple Authorized Service Provider. If you've purchased an AppleCare+ plan, you'll save money. If your iPhone cannot be repaired or is not worth repairing, you can move on to step three.
3. Before selling the iPhone, it is recommended that you erase all data on the device. If you have set "Find my iPhone", logging in to iCloud can easily wipe all data on all iPhones.
4. Finally, you may ask where to sell a broken iPhone. Here are a few places you can sell broken or used iPhones.

What to do

This user guide shows you how to recover photos from a broken iPhone and what to do with it. And RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery can help users get photos of broken iPhones very well. At the same time, it is an excellent iPhone backup extractor that is better than the official extraction method.

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Retrieve Photos from Broken iPhone

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