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Why Does iPhone Batteries Drain Fast

Why does iPhone's Battery Drain So Fast? Here are the solutions.

Posted by Aimee , Mar 15, 2019

"What happened to my iPhone 7? the battery drains so fast since I update my iPhone to iOS 12?"
Well, this may happen to most iPhone users. After a long time of use, you have to charge your iPhone twice or more times within a day. You found your iPhone's battery drain so fast and you can only keep charging it all the time. If you have the same problem, let's walk through this post to get the reason and solutions.

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Part 1: Why does iPhone drain so fast? Here are the reasons and solutions

1. Push mail. To save the iPhone battery, we need to change iPhone from push to fetch. Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data > Turn off Push at the top and change it to fetch.
2. Turn off unnecessary location services. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services > Tap Share My Location and turn off some unnecessary location services.
3. Don't send iPhone Analytic (Diagnostics & Usage Data). Go to settings > Privacy > Open Analytic> Turn off the switch.
4. Close out your Apps. Use your finger to swipe up on the app and push it off the top of the screen.
5. Notifications: Only use the ones you need. Go to settings > Notifications and turn off the switch next to Allow Notifications.
6. Turn off the Widgets you don't use. Tap the Home button > Swipe from left to right > scroll down and tap Edit > tap the red minus button to its left.
7. Turn off your iPhone once a week. Just as you always do, power off your iPhone.
8. Background app refresh. Go to settings > General > Turn off Background App Refresh.
9. Keep your iPhone cool. Never leave your iPhone in a hot car.
10. Make sure Auto-lock is turned on. Go to settings > Tap Display & Brightness > Auto-lock > select any option other than never.
11. Disable unnecessary visual effects. Go to settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and tap the switch to turn it on.
12. DFU restore & restore from iCloud, not iTunes.
13. Erase your iPhone and set it up as new. Restore your iPhone to factory settings and set it up again as if it were brand new. Go to settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Enter your password, then tap Erase iPhone to confirm your decision.
14. You may have a hardware problem (But it might not be the battery). drops and spills can also do damage to the battery.

Part 2: Using RecoveryTool to solve the problem

If this is not a hardware issue, then you should consider RecoveryTool Fix Recovery to fix the problem.


iPhone Battery Draining Fast

Why is My iPhone Battery Draining So Fast


Done! We do hope the above solutions would be available for you guys. Leave your comments below and tell us which is the best solution you've tried. Thanks so much.

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Why Does iPhone Batteries Drain Fast

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