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Why Won't iPhone Play Music

How to Fix Apple Music Won't Play on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , May 30, 2019

Have you encounted the problem that your iPhone won't play music? Sometimes it is because of the network connection, something wrong with the music itself, or the video problem. However, what we told above are all easy to deal with because there is nothing wrong with your phone. What should we do if Apple music won't play on the iPhone because of something wrong with the device? That is what we are going to talk about.

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Part 1. How to Fix Apple Music Won't Play on iPhone by Fixing iTunes

One of the most probable reasons why the music won't play is that there is something wrong with your iTunes, or the music isn't in iTunes list. In this situation, the following ways can help.
Step 1. Update your iTunes to the latest version if it is not, so that all the function can be available. 
Step 2. Re-sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes. If you haven't synced the music you want to iTunes, this solution can help.
Step 3. Add music to your phone again, and sync again. If you have deleted the music on your phone surely it can't be played. So you can download the music again and then sync to the iTunes. 
Step 4. Reauthorize your computer. If you are sure that the music is in iTunes already, but it still won't play, try this way. Launch the iTunes, Click Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer or Deauthorize This Computer. Then you can make sure that all your files on iTunes can be saved.
Step 5. If you have tried all the ways above, but none of them works. You can clean the iTunes Library and the songs, then sync all of them again. Even more, you can also try to make a full backup and then restore your iPhone to factory settings.

Part 2. Fix Apple Music Won't Play on iPhone with RecoveryTool

If you have tried all the methods in part one and none of them works, it means that there is something wrong with your iPhone itself. Therefore, we need a safe and effective way to fix it. Here we recommend you the RecoveryTool Fix Recovery, a special software designed for iOS devices. It can help to fix your iPhone safely without data loss. 
Step 1. Launch the program

Download and launch the program on the computer, then connect your iPhone to the computer. Launch the program and there will be several modes for you to choose. Here let's click "iOS System Recovery" and go on.


Step 2. Download the latest firmware

The program will detect your device automatically and then recommend you the latest firmware to download. It is necessary to fix your iPhone, so just follow the advice and wait patiently.

Apple Music Won't Play


Step 3. Fix your iPhone

After the download, the program will begin to fix your device. Almost all the problem can be fixed, including the Apple music won't play.


The passage had told you in detail how to Fix Apple Music Won't Play on iPhone, I am sure they can help. Besides, the software can do more than what we told above. For more details, just download it and have a try.

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Why Won't iPhone Play Music

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