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Wifi Not Working on iPhone

iPhone Not Connecting To WiFi? Here are Solutions

Posted by Aimee , May 11, 2019

Nowadays, we almost can't live without Wi-Fi. It does bring us a big convenience on surfing the internet, watching videos, making phone data backup, playing games, updating iOS and much more. But not all of us are lucky enough to get access to the Wi-Fi smoothly. Recently, we've received many complaints about iPhone Wi-Fi problem. So in order to fix this issue, we compile some top solutions in this article. Let's proceed to find them out now.

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Part 1: Top 8 solutions to fix iPhone that can't connect to Wi-Fi

Method 1: Turn on Wi-Fi, and then go to the Control Center to make sure that your device is not in the Airplane Mode.
Method 2: Check whether the Wi-Fi password is protected. If so, you need to go to Settings > Wi-Fi to see if the Wi-Fi network you are trying to use has a lock icon next to it. If it does, you can request a password from the network owner or seeking an unlocked network instead.
Method 3: Force your iPhone to restart, which is sometimes the fastest and simplest way to solve the problem.
Method 4: Update your iPhone to the latest version. Firstly, check if there is an iOS update available for your device. If there is, install it, this may solve your problem. To check for iOS update:
- Tap Settings.
- Tap General.
- Tap Software Update.
- If the screen indicates an update is available for your iPhone, plug the iPhone into a power outlet and tap Download and Install. 
Method 5: Reset iPhone's Network Settings. Although this deletes some preferences and stored data related to connectivity, sometimes this could be helpful. To reset your settings:
- Tap Settings.
- Tap General.
- Swipe to the bottom and tap Reset. If you are asked to confirm that you want to reset these settings, just do so.
Method 6: Turn off Location Services. Doing so doesn't stop you from using Wi-Fi, just from using it to improve location awareness. Follow these steps:
- Tap Settings.
- Tap Privacy.
- Tap Location Services.
- Swipe to the bottom and tap System Services.
- Move the Wi-Fi Networking & Bluetooth slider to the white/off position.
Method 7: Restore iPhone to Factory Settings. This will delete everything from the iPhone and return it to its out-of-the-box pristine condition. So before you restoring your iPhone, don't forget to make a backup of all the data on your iPhone, then follow the steps below:
- Tap Settings.
- Tap General.
- Swipe to the bottom and tap Reset.
- Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
- You will be asked to confirm that you really want to do this. Confirm and proceed with the reset. Later you will get a fresh iPhone.
Method 8: Contact Apple for Tech Support. If the above suggestions can't help so far, that means it may be a hardware problem. So take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store for a checkup or contact Apple Support online for alternatives.

Part 2: How to fix iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi with RecoveryTool without data loss

Before you go out and ask Apple for help, why not try RecoveryTool Fix Recovery first? 
Step 1: Download and run the software on your PC, then connect your iPhone to the tool with USB cable. After it, select iOS System Recovery.


Step 2: Once the the program detect your device, you must proceed and hit Start.


Step 3: Now please boot your iPhone into DFU mode by pressing the Power on/off and Home button. At first, release only the Power on/off button after 10 seconds and once the DFU screen appears, release the Home Button also. Please refer to the screenshot below for better understanding.

DFU Mode

Step 4: Now, fill the required detail about your device, then hit Confirm from the main window.


Step 5: As long as the download is OK, the software will fix the iPhone automatically, a few minutes later, your iPhone will restart normally. Otherwise, please tap on Try Again to repeat the operations.

Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Wifi

Quite simple, isn't it?

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Wifi Not Working on iPhone

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