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Activate iPhone without SIM Card

How to Use or Activate iPhone without SIM Card

Posted by Aimee , Jan 22, 2020

"The iPhone's SIM card reader is broken. My device is an iPhone 5 and is no longer covered by the warranty. The damaged iPhone has been reset to factory settings. I can't unlock the device because the iPhone doesn't recognize the SIM card. Other features of this iOS device are also normal. I plan to use it as music or entertainment equipment. But I have to activate the iPhone 5 without a SIM card. Does anyone know a free method?"
Many people will ask if we can use and activate the iPhone without a SIM card? The answer is yes. There are multiple ways to activate an iOS device without using a SIM card, so how do you bypass the iPhone activation without a SIM card? Read this article and you will find the answer to your question.

Part 1: Activate iPhone with iTunes

iTunes is Apple's official iOS management tool, so installing this program on Windows or Mac can help solve the problem. If the iPhone is locked, you need to remove the iCloud activation lock. For unlocked iPhones, you can activate the iPhone with iTunes.
1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.
2. Select "Set up as new iPhone" in the "Welcome to Your New iPhone" interface, and then click "Continue".
3. When you enter the "Sync with iTunes" interface, click the "Get Started" and "Sync" items in that order.
4. After the process is over, you can unplug your iPhone. Then complete the setup process on your phone to activate your iPhone.

Activate iPhone with iTunes

With this method, you can reasonably bypass iPhone activation. Meanwhile, iTunes can help you import backup data to the iPhone. If you need to import data selectively, you can use a data transfer tool.

Part 2: Bypass iPhone activation via jailbreak tool

Using the jailbreak tool can also bypass iPhone activation and get rid of iPhone activation restrictions. Jailbreak is only effective for some devices, and it will reduce the stability and security of the device. Therefore, choose this method carefully. Different iPhone models have different jailbreak methods. Most users will choose the PanGu jailbreak tool. During the jailbreak process, if there is an unexpected situation with the white apple, you can choose the iOS system repair tool to fix it. In addition, the tool can also remove iOS jailbreak.

Part 3: Activate your iPhone by borrowing your family's SIM card

If you just don't have your own SIM card and don't have other special needs, then you can use your family's SIM card to activate your iPhone.
1. Insert the borrowed SIM card into the iPhone.
2. Tap the settings option and log in to the Wi-Fi network.
3. Wait for the iPhone to activate.

Activate your iPhone

Once activation is completed, you can use your iPhone. At the same time, you can return the SIM card to your family.

Part 4: Bypass iPhone Activation Using Emergency Calls

Use an emergency call to activate your iPhone without a SIM card.
1. Without inserting the SIM card, follow the normal procedure until you see the message "No SIM Card Installed". Then press the "Home" key.
2. Select "Emergency Call" in the next screen. Dial the emergency number and disconnect the call.
3. After that, you will be prompted to cancel the call. Cancel it and the iPhone will be activated.

Emergency Calls

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Activate iPhone without SIM Card

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