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Apple Music not Working on iPhone and iPad

How to Fix Music Not Playing on iPhone and iPad

Posted by Aimee , May 26, 2020

"iPhone screen stuck at 'Item Not Available! This item can't be played '. Is there a solution to fix this problem? When Apple Music is disabled and enabled again, the track can be played. It seems that the problem is temporarily solved, but I think this is a bug. Does Apple have an official solution? "
The stuck screen that Apple music cannot play is different from the stuck screen caused by the iOS system failure. In many cases, songs that cannot be played will be skipped. Clicking on it will bring up a prompt popup window. Although there are many reasons why music cannot be played, we still try to explain to you why some songs cannot be played and provide some solutions for this.

Part 1: Why Apple Music cannot be played

In most cases, these common factors can cause songs to not play on iPhone or iPad.
1. This media format is not supported.
2. The damaged song is skipped or frozen.
3. The data is not synchronized.
4. Songs cannot be read or loaded.

Apple Music cannot be played

In addition to these reasons, some other factors can also cause the song to not be played. It is difficult to list all the reasons, but we will give a complete solution.

Part 2: Tips to fix Apple music not playing

1. Update iTunes on your computer to the latest version.
2. Modify the computer's authorization.
Enable iTunes > Tap Account, then click Authorizations > Select the "Authorize This Computer" item in the right column
3. Restart the iPhone or iPad.
The iOS device has a black screen or the screen is stuck. You can restart it by force restarting.

Restart the iPhone or iPad

4. Resync iPhone or iPad with iTunes.
5. Add all music files back to iTunes Library and synchronize again.
6. Set the mute button of the iOS device to off, and then adjust the media volume.
7. Re-enable the music app.
Press the home button twice in succession > Swipe up the music app> Restart the music app
8. iOS devices can support the following music formats:
The format that the music player cannot play, you need to convert the music format.
9. Update iOS software helps to solve some unknown errors or system problems.
Click on settings app > Go to General and select software update > After clicking download and installation, you need to enter the password and click agree


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Apple Music not Working on iPhone and iPad

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