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Backup iPhone to Flash Drive

How to Backup iPhone Data to Flash Drive

Posted by Aimee , Jul 12, 2020

"There is not enough space on the Mac, so I can't back up iPhone data to it. Is it possible to back up the iPhone to a flash drive? I have used the iPhone for a while, but I have never done a backup. I need an automatic backup method. Can anyone relieve my confusion? Thanks."
The longer the iPhone is used, the more storage space will be consumed on the iPhone. In order to free up more space, people will delete some unnecessary files. Of course, you can use iTunes or iCloud to back up files, but it is not easy to extract specific data from iTunes or iCloud. You can only access the files you need by restoring the device. Why don't you choose to backup iPhone files to a flash drive? This is a way out of trouble. To this end, this user guide will introduce some methods for backing up iPhone content to a flash drive.

Part 1: Backup iPhone data to flash drive with iTunes

iTunes can directly back up the data on the iPhone. In addition, the secondary backup can be performed by moving the iTunes backup file to an external hard disk or flash drive.
1. Before moving the backup file, you need to find the iTunes backup file you need.
For Mac user:
- Click the "Search" icon in the menu bar.
- Enter the following "~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/" in the search box. Then tap Return.
For Windows user:
- Click in order to find a specific folder.
\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\


2. Connect the external hard drive or flash drive to the computer.
3. Select the target file and move it to the flash drive or external hard drive.

Part 2: Backup iPhone files to flash drive without iTunes

If you don't want to back up data through iTunes and you haven't installed iTunes, then you can try to use some tools to backup iPhone files to a flash drive. The "iOS Data Backup" function in RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery can quickly complete this operation. It can help you backup iPhone files to flash drive without iTunes.
1. Download and install this tool, and then select "iOS Data Backup & Restore".

iOS Data Backup & Restore

2. Before entering the next interface, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer. Then click "iOS Data Backup".

iOS Data Backup

3. Choose one of the two backup modes. In this article, we take the default "Standard backup" mode as an example. Select "Standard backup" and then click the "Start" button.

Standard Backup

4. Insert the flash drive into another USB port of the computer. Then select the file type to be backed up. After clicking the "Next" button, set the flash drive as the backup destination folder.

Backup Data

In addition, you can also backup iPhone data to a computer, and then copy it to a flash drive. With the help of this backup tool, you can quickly backup iPhone to flash drive without iTunes. If you lose important data, you can also quickly retrieve iPhone data through this program.

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Backup iPhone to Flash Drive

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