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Backup Pictures

How to Backup Photos from iOS Devices

Posted by Aimee , Oct 19, 2020

"I have too many photos on my iPhone, so I don't have enough space to install other apps or update iOS. iCloud can safely store content for me. However, it only has 5GB of free storage space. This cannot back up all data. I need a free plan. Can anyone give me some suggestions for backing up pictures on iOS devices?"
iPhone, iPad, and iPod are an important part of people's lives. The most precious thing is the data on the device. Some Apple fans may have a large number of pictures stored on their iOS devices. The storage space of the device is limited. Therefore, you can choose to sync images or back up photos. And take into account accidents such as damage, loss, or theft of iOS devices. It is very important to backup pictures. You can find many ways from search engines such as Google. This article condenses three practical methods among many methods for users' reference.

Backup Pictures

Method 1. Back up photos on iCloud

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service built into an iOS device. Therefore, it is convenient to use iCloud for image backup.
- After updating iOS to the latest version, click the "Settings" icon on the "Home" screen.
- Tap the name icon at the top of the screen and select "iCloud".
- Click "Photos" in the iCloud menu interface to let this app use iCloud.
- When you enable iCloud to back up pictures, iCloud can automatically back up your photos.

Back Up Photos on iCloud

After the free storage space is used up, you can no longer back up data. If you don't want to buy more storage space, then you can only choose iTunes for file backup.
Tip: You can extract the backup pictures through iCloud at any time, or you can extract the pictures visually through specific tools.

Method 2. Backup pictures on iTunes

Before performing the backup operation, you need to install the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.
How to backup iPhone using Windows PC
- Double-click the iTunes icon to run it, and then connect the iOS device to the Mac or Windows PC via a USB cable.
- Click the iPhone button at the top left of the software interface.
- Tap "Summary" and go to "Backup Now".

Backup Pictures on iTunes

How to backup iDevice photos in macOS
In macOS Catalina, you need to use the device backup function in Finder.
- Connect the iOS device to the Mac with a USB cable.
- Run Finder, then tap the device in "Locations" in the Finder sidebar.
- Tap "Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac".
- Click "Back Up Now" to perform file backup.
How to backup data on macOS Mojave and earlier
- Run iTunes and connect the device to the Mac.
- Tap the "Device" icon.
- Click "Summary", then check "This computer" in "Backups".
- Find and click "Back Up Now".
- Tap "Done" to back up data.
Once the file backup is completed, you can restore the photos from the backup at any time. If you lose important pictures before making a backup, you need other professional methods to retrieve the lost pictures.

Method 3. Selective backup photos

The above two methods cannot do selective backup, restore or preview files. If you are looking for a better picture backup experience, then "iOS Data Backup & Restore" in RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery will be a better choice, which can quickly and selectively back up your photos without overwriting the preview data.
1. Download and install data backup software on Mac or Windows PC.
2. Run this program, and then connect the iOS device to the computer.
3. Select the "iOS Data Backup & Restore" function in the tool interface.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

4. Select one of "Standard backup" and "Encrypted backup". After clicking the "Start" button, select the "Photos" item.

Standard Backup and Encrypted Backup


5. Tap the "Next" button to back up images from iOS devices without iTunes or iCloud.

Back Up Images

In addition to backing up pictures, this data backup function is often used to back up contacts, WeChat attachments, WhatsApp attachments, Audio and other file types.

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Backup Pictures

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