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Backup WhatsApp Photos

How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp Pictures

Posted by Aimee , May 15, 2017

Since now WhatsApp is a convenient and popular tool for people to communicate and share photos and other messages, the safety of the program is becoming more and more attractive for users. Of all the concerning problems, how to backup WhatsApp pictures from iPhone maybe the first to be solved because of the importance of photos. Before, to backup images, users need to copy them one by one to a safe place, which is fussy and inconvenient. But now, the folks at WhatsApp have made it simpler and fundamental. So in this article, we are going to show you how to backup your WhatsApp photos easily and effectively.

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Part 1. Common way to Backup iPhone WhatsApp Photos

This way is attachable for everyone with an iPhone.
Open the App and tap "Setting" at the bottom > find "Chat Backup" on the appearing screen > select "Back up Now" to backup your chat messages and photos instantly.
The operation above will backup your data successfully. Or you can also choose "Auto Backup" on and define a schedule for the loop.

Backup Photos

Part 2. Best way to Backup iPhone WhatsApp Photos

Here we are going to recommend you practical software that can help to backup your WhatsApp data easily and effectively. That is the iPhone Data Recovery. Here are the details.

Guide: How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp Photos Easily

Step 1. Choose the Recovery Mode

To begin with, launch the program on your computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer. Then the program will detect your device automatically. Here let’s choose the “WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore” feature.


Step 2. Choose to Backup Pictures

Then there will be four modes for you to choose, those are backup or restore your WhatsApp images. Here you just need to click the "Backup WhatsApp Messages" and go on.

Backup WhatsApp Photos

Step 3. Backup WhatsApp Messages and Photos

Click "Backup" button on the left and the program will start to backup your data. Once the backup process is finished, you can click "View it" to check whether all your data had been backup.

Whatsapp Photos

Note: if you want to restore your backup data, you just need to do one more step. That is to select the files you want and save them by click "Restore to Device" or "Export to PC".
The passage above had told you two ways to backup your WhatsApp messages and photos. I am convinced that it will help you a lot. For more useful usages, just download the tool and have a try.

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Backup WhatsApp Photos

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