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Block Spam Calls on iPhone

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Apr 18, 2020

"There are too many spam calls to dial my number. I didn't find an app to stop these annoying calls on iOS 12. Can anyone recommend some useful call blocker apps? I need to block these robocalls. Please help me."
Received a call from a scammer or salesman? This is a common scene in life. In the past, complex methods or jailbreaking were required to prevent harassment by specific phone numbers. Later, using call filters such as Nomorobo, Truecaller, RoboKiller can also help people stop spam calls. Are you still worried about how to find a better and easier call blocking app? In fact, using the free feature of Silence Unknown Callers on the iPhone is good enough. Open it to intercept robocalls and people you don't know. Browse our guide to learn about the recommendations.

Part 1: What is Silence Unknown Callers

Apple released iOS 13 in the fall of 2019. One of the newly added features is Silence Unknown Callers. By enabling this feature, you can stop those endless spam calls. All phone numbers that have not been contacted or not saved in the contact list can no longer disturb you. Avoid unknown numbers or robocalls calling you. However, your contacts and the people you interact with can contact you normally.

Unknown Callers

Note: If you delete contacts by mistake during the setup process, please use RecoveryTool's iOS data software.

Part 2: Enable Silence Unknown Callers

In a few simple steps, you can turn on the Silence Unknown Callers function to block spam calls.
1. Update iOS to the latest version. You can also use the upgrade tool to update iOS more conveniently.
2. Click the "Settings" app and then go to "Phone".
3. Scroll down to find Silence Unknown Callers and enable it.

Enable Silence Unknown Callers

With this feature, you will not miss any call. Calls from unknown numbers are transferred to the voicemail, and you will not hear the ringtone. However, you can find the numbers of these calls in the "Recents list".

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Block Spam Calls on iPhone

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