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Can't Download Apps on iPad

How to Fix iPad that Cannot Download or Update Apps

Posted by Aimee , Jun 21, 2020

"I need to download and upgrade apps from the App Store. When I click to download one of the apps, nothing is downloaded. I can access them normally. Why can't I download apps on the iPad anymore? Can someone help me? ?" 
When downloading apps on the iPad through the App Store is in trouble, many people are at a loss. The common reasons why the application cannot be downloaded on the iPad are:
1. Not enough storage space.
2. Internet connection error.
3. The iOS version is too old.
4. Server failure.
5. The Apple ID is incorrect.
6. The file format is not supported.
7. Other limiting factors.
Therefore, you need to eliminate these error factors one by one in order to fix the iPad can not download or update the app problem. For your convenience, I have compiled relevant information to help you solve the problem.

1. Check the storage space of the device.

- Click the "Settings" item on the iPad.
- Find "General" and go to "About".
- You can see the remaining free space of the device in "Available".
If there is not enough storage space, you can create some space by deleting unnecessary files.

2. Check the Internet connection status.

When the iPad cannot access the Internet, the App Store cannot perform the task of downloading the application. The method to refresh the Internet connection on the iPad is as follows:
- Find "Settings" on the Home screen, and then click "Wi-Fi". Turn it off and then on again.
In addition to refreshing the Internet via Wi-Fi, you can also use Airplane Mode to refresh the Internet.
- Click "Airplane Mode" in "Settings" to open it. Then repeat the previous operation to close it.


3. Upgrade iOS version.

Regularly updating iOS helps to fix some errors. Click in the following order:
Settings> General> Software Update
If you can't upgrade iOS normally, then you can try some iPad repair tools.

Upgrade iOS version

4. Fix possible server failure.

When upgrading or downloading applications, the iPad will interact with Apple's servers. If the date or time of the device is inconsistent with that of the server, the application cannot be downloaded. The solution is as follows:
1) On the Home screen of the device, click the "Settings" app.
2) Go to "General" and find "Date & Time".
3) Enable the "Set Automatically" item.

5. Log in to the Apple ID again.

Invalid Apple ID will cause app download interruption. To fix this problem, you need to log in to your account again.
1) After entering the "Settings" interface, click your Apple ID icon in the upper right corner.
2) Log out of the current account. After clicking "Sign Out", enter the Apple ID password and then click "Turn Off".
3) Click "Sign Out" twice, and you will be logged out from iTunes, iCloud and App Store.
4) Wait for a while and log in to your Apple ID in "Settings" again.

6. Lift other possible restrictions.

- Clear the App Store cache.
1) Run the App Store app
2) Click one of the icons ten times in the down bar of this app.
3) The app will restart and navigate to the finish button. This will clear the cache.
- Reset all iPad settings.
1) Find "Settings" and touch "General".
2) Go to "Reset all Settings" in "Reset".
3) Enter the password in the pop-up box, and then confirm to reset all settings of the device.


- Turn off restrictions on iOS devices.
1) On the Home screen, touch the "Settings" app. Then click "Screen Time".
2) Find the "Content & Privacy Restrictions" and select the "Allowed Apps" item. This will turn off the restrictions on the iPad.
This article provides a complete solution guide. I hope that the above solution can help you fix the problem of not being able to download or upgrade apps on the iPad.

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Can't Download Apps on iPad

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