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Create Custom iMessage Profile on iDevice

How to Create a Custom iMessage Profile on iPhone or iPad

Posted by Aimee , Apr 03, 2020

"I received an iMessage from a friend today, and the message contained his personal photo and name. I was surprised. This is different from other messages he sent to me before. This is a new feature? How can I use this feature? "
When communicating with each other, iMessages that create names and personal pictures can be more easily recognized by others. In iOS 13, everyone can set their own profile and share them with others. Previously, you had to manually set the images and names of the contacts one by one in the address book. When you receive a stranger's iMessage, you can avoid subsequent awkward conversations. Chat tools such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have long allowed users to display their personal pictures and names. Now, just updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13 will make this feature available in the Messages app. The important point is that even if you are not in the contact list of the other person, personal identification information can also be displayed in the iMessage you send to the other person. To set up a custom iMessage profile on your iPhone or iPad, you can read this article.


Set iMessage profile picture and name in iOS device

1. To select a profile photo and display name in iMessage, you need to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13.
2. After the iOS system upgrade is completed, go to the Settings app on your device. Then click on the "Messages" item.
3. Find "Share Name and Photo" in the Messages section, and then you can take a new photo of yourself or select an existing photo from "All Photos".

Share Name and Photo

Note: You can also use Memoji as a profile photo and set it according to its custom options.
4. Use the circular box to move and zoom the photo, then click “Choose”.
5. Select the filter used for this photo or click "Original" to skip this step. After that, click "Done".
6. Enter the first and last names to the right of the personal picture. Then make sure the "Share Name and Photo" button is enabled.
7. Select one of the three options of "SHARE AUTOMATICALLY".
After creating a custom iMessage profile, iMessages you send to others will display personal pictures and names without requiring the recipient to set them up. In addition, if you lost important iMessages and SMS while using an iPhone or iPad, then the professional recovery tool in RecoveryTool is a good choice.

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Create Custom iMessage Profile on iDevice

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