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Erase iPhone Data

How to Delete iPhone Data

Posted by Ellen , Mar 01, 2017

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, "Old exchange new" becomes an increasingly popular concept. So you want to sell your phone after you purchase a new one. However, the possibility of disclosing your information on your device will increase. So that your first idea to delete the data is to perform a factory reset on your iPhone.  But the resumption of factory settings still allows you to disclose information. Fortunately, worry no more. iPhone Data Recovery will be your good helper. It will help you erase data completely, also it will keep your data safe. Here is how to fully wipe your iPhone data out.

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Guide: How to Delete iPhone Data

Step 1: Download and install

Once running the dr.fone toolkit for iOS on your computer and you'll see all features inside as follows. Just click “Full Data Eraser” from tools in the window above to use it in steps.


Step 2: Connect your device to the computer

After launching the program, connect your iPhone to your computer, then you will see the program appearing as follows.

Note: The data can not be restored if you erased them. Please backup the data what you need before proceeding.

connect your device to the computer

Step 3: Start erasing permanently your iPhone data
When the program detects your mobile phone, you can directly click on the "Erase" button to begin erasing your iPhone permanently. Since the erased data can't be recovered, you need to be careful and enter "delete" to confirm your operation when you are ready.

Warm up: In this process, do not run any apps in the background on your cell phone.

start erasing permanently your iPhone data

Step 4: Wait until the data erasure is complete

It will spend your several time. Just be patient. Once the erasure begins, you don't need to do anything but wait for the end of the process. And keep that your iPhone is connected during the whole process.

wait until the data erasure is complete

When having finished the data erasure, you will see a window disappearing as follows.

finished the data erasure

Now, your iPhone is fully erased. So that you can sell the old one to buy a new one.

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Erase iPhone Data

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