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Difference between iTunes ID, iCloud ID, and Apple ID

Is Apple ID different from iCloud and iTunes accounts

Posted by Aimee , Feb 29, 2020

"My iCloud account and Apple ID are not the same email address. In order to use iCloud for iPhone to back up and sync data, I want to change the email address of the iCloud account to the same as the Apple ID. This iCloud account was registered a long time ago. I forgot my password. I can't log in to iCloud to modify my account information. I plan to delete the old iCloud account and re-register for a new iCloud account. But I am wondering why Apple ID cannot be used as an iCloud account? "
When using iOS devices, we may need to register iTunes ID, iCloud ID and Apple ID in order to use its services. For these three accounts, many people wonder whether they are different from each other? Do I need to register for each account separately? This article will attempt to illustrate the differences between these three accounts.

Part 1: iTunes account

Before you sign up for iTunes, you may ask what is iTunes? iTunes is a media tool and device management program developed by Apple. iTunes was originally developed for music purposes. After that, the ability to purchase videos, podcasts, mobile apps, and e-books was added. In addition, iTunes can backup, restore and transfer data for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. In order to use these features of iTunes, you need to register an iTunes account. Earlier iOS devices used iTunes to activate. Newer devices have reduced their dependence on iTunes. You no longer need to register for an iTunes account. Use your Apple ID to log in and use iTunes. iTunes can be considered as an additional service for Apple ID.

iTunes Account

Part 2: iCloud account

iCloud is the collective name for all internet-based services provided by Apple. These services include iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, iTunes Match, Apple Music, and backup functions. The free 5GB space can help you securely store data on your device so that you can access contacts, videos, pictures, notes and more at any time. You can use iCloud on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows, and Mac. To use the iCloud service, you can sign up for a new account or sign in with an Apple ID.

iCloud Account

Part 3: Apple ID

Apple ID is an account that can control all services of the iOS device. With an Apple account, you can log in to iCloud, iMessage, App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes. It can help your iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, and other devices identify you. When using an iOS device, it is recommended that you use the same Apple account to log in to iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, etc. Due to the protection of digital rights, different accounts of the same user cannot be identified as the same user. In addition, enabling two-factor authentication helps protect Apple ID.

Apple ID

Therefore, you do not need to register for an account when using iCloud or iTunes, you can log in directly with your Apple account and password.

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Difference between iTunes ID, iCloud ID, and Apple ID

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