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Erase iPhone or iPad Personal Data

How to delete personal data from iPhone or iPad

Posted by Aimee , Feb 09, 2020

"Hello, I plan to sell my iPhone 6. How can I completely delete everything on my phone (especially personal data)? Any good suggestions?
As people become more environmentally conscious, selling or giving away old iPhones or iPads has become another option. However, iOS devices without data erasure will likely leak personal data. Fortunately, you don't have to worry. You can securely erase personal data on iDevice according to the method below.

Here is how to fully wipe your iPhone personal data out.

1. Go to "Settings" from the "Home" screen of your iOS device.

Erase iPhone

3. Find and click "Erase All Content and Settings" under the "Reset" screen.
4. Select "Erase Now" in the popup window.
5. Then enter the device password and Apple ID password separately. You can only delete data after turning off "Activate Lock" and deleting the device in "Find my iPhone".

Erase iPhone or iPad personal data

If you can't turn off iCloud Activate Lock, you can refer to other methods. After wiping iPhone or iPad data, you can only retrieve data through iTunes or iCloud backup files. The iOS data extraction tool can selectively retrieve data from iTunes or iCloud backup files.

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Erase iPhone or iPad Personal Data

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