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Fix Computer or iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone

How to Fix Computer and iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Jul 07, 2020

"When my iPhone 11 is connected via a USB cable, iTunes cannot recognize it. But the phone can be charged. I have reinstalled iTunes and tried other USB docks, but the iOS device is still not displayed on iTunes. Please help!"
People connect iPhones to computers to perform operations such as creating backups, restoring data, transferring data, accessing iTunes, repairing iOS, and so on. Once iTunes cannot detect the iOS device or the computer cannot recognize the iOS device, you will not be able to perform any operations. If you happen to read this article, you can learn the repair method we have summarized.


Fix iPhone cannot be recognized by iTunes or computer

1. Update the iOS system to the latest version.
- Click the "Settings" icon on the iPhone, and then find the "General" item.
- Go to "Software Update" and check available updates to upgrade iOS to the latest version.

Update the iOS System

2. Reinstall iTunes and update related drivers.
- After uninstalling iTunes, reinstall the latest version of iTunes.
- Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable. After opening Device Manager, go to Universal Serial Bus controllers.
- Find and double-click the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver in the expanded Universal Serial Bus controllers.
- Update the driver in the Driver tab.
3. Check the USB cable and USB port
- Use a cotton swab to clean the USB port, and then use another USB cable to connect.
4. Restart iPhone and PC.
5. Upgrade Windows or Mac to the latest version.
6. Switch untrusted computers to trust.
- Connect iPhone to computer or Mac. Then find the "Settings" app on the iOS device.
- Click "General" in "Settings" and go to "Reset".
- You will then find "Reset Location & Privacy" in it. Click it and you will be able to see the pop-up window asking you to trust the computer again. Click "Trust" to confirm.
7. Check if Apple Mobile Device Service is running
- Press the Windows logo key and R on the keyboard at the same time to enable the Run box.
- Type services.msc, and then press Enter.
- Find and double-click the "Apple Mobile Device Service" item.
- Please keep the "Startup type" as "Automatic". In addition, "Service status" also needs to be kept as "Running".
8. Close or disable the security software on the computer.
9. Connect the computer with the original cable after unlocking the iPhone.

Original Cable

10. Open "My Computer" and let the iPhone display on the computer as the iPhone icon instead of other devices or file icons.

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Fix Computer or iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone

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