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iOS 14 Resets Default Apps Back to Safari

iOS 14 Resets the Default Browser App Settings After Every Restart

Posted by Aimee , Sep 27, 2020

iOS 14 has been released, which has better visual effects and more software updates than most other versions. Therefore, this update has been loved by more Apple users. In just a few days, a quarter of users have already upgraded to iOS 14. And one of the upgrades this time is to add a new feature to change the default browser. You can change the bundled default Safari browser to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and other third-party browsers. To make this change you need to click on the "Settings" app. Then find the third-party browser item in "Settings" and modify it as the default browser. In this way, all links will be automatically opened using a third-party browser. Everything looks beautiful. However, some users reported that when the iPhone or iPad is rebooted, the default browser will be reset to Safari. This should be a bug.


If the iOS error cannot be fixed, you will need to manually remove the bug that resets the default application to Safari after the device restarts.
- After each restart of the iOS device, open the "Settings" app.
- Drop down the menu to find your third-party browser.
- Open the application settings, and then select the "Default Browser App" item.


However, this bug has been fixed on iOS 14.0.1. You only need to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS version. Before updating iOS, it is recommended to use iTunes or iCloud to backup files. To selectively backup files, you can also use the "iOS Data Backup & Restore" function in RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery.
- You can perform the Apple iOS upgrade only after the Wi-Fi is properly connected.
- On the Home screen, find the "Settings" item. After navigating to "General", then you can click "Software Update".
- Click "Download and Install". Afterward, tap "Install" to update iOS immediately.

Updating iOS

Both of these methods can fix the problem that the default browser automatically switches back to Safari. And for more iOS bug fixes, you can get inspired in RecoveryTool.

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iOS 14 Resets Default Apps Back to Safari

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