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iPhone SE is An Attractive Smartphone

The new iPhone SE may bring more potential users to Apple

Posted by Aimee , May 03, 2020

Those who bought the iPhone SE may not be using it. However, it will certainly be part of the memories of many Apple users. Recently, Apple released the 2020 iPhone SE. CEO Tim Cook said that this new smartphone will attract more users. Is this real? Let's study what is special about the new iPhone SE.

2020 iPhone SE

1. The new iPhone SE has a classic 4.7-inch design, which has always been a favorite. The smaller device allows users to easily pick it up, thus achieving a one-handed grip.
2. The new model uses the A13 chip, which is both fast and powerful. It is sufficient for all apps and large games. It is optimistic that it will allow the new iPhone SE to be used normally within 2 years.
3. iPhone SE is only equipped with a single lens, but thanks to the powerful computing power of A13. It has smart HDR, video anti-shake, depth of field control, 4K video shooting, portrait mode, snapshot mode, and so on. The improvement of computing power makes the 2020 iPhone SE have the strongest single camera system. Therefore, you will get satisfactory pictures and videos on iPhone SE.
4. Touch ID is used again on the new iPhone SE. Face recognition may be easier to use, but Touch ID will be more convenient during the outbreak of COVID-19. This way people don't have to take off their masks.

Touch ID

5. As a mid-range mobile phone model, it also has the advantages of supporting wireless charging, IPxx protection level, excellent touch, and so on. The most important point is that the perfect iOS system makes its experience beyond the high-end Android devices.
Now, you can get this cost-effective and powerful mobile phone for $ 399. Therefore, the 2020 iPhone SE will attract more Android users. At the same time, it can also encourage old users who have not upgraded the system for many years to purchase new mobile phone devices.

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iPhone SE is An Attractive Smartphone

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