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Optimize Battery Charging for iOS Devices

One-click optimization of battery charging for iOS devices

Posted by Aimee , Apr 15, 2020

"After the iPhone was updated to iOS 13, I enabled Optimized Battery Charging. iPhone will learn from daily charging routines. However, this feature has not yet worked well. I want to know how long it takes for the phone to learn charging habits? "
IOS devices that have been used for several years will have less battery life than before. In iOS13, Apple introduced the option of Optimized Battery Charging. Enabling this feature helps reduce unnecessary battery aging. However, some users complain that the function is not reliable. What the hell is it? To maximize battery performance and life, you can read this article to learn how to set Optimized Battery Charging.

Part 1: What is Apple's Optimized Battery Charging

After updating the iOS device to iOS 13, the Optimized Battery Charging item is enabled by default. The iOS device will learn your daily charging routine, and the algorithm will activate this function only after estimating that you will be charging for a long time. Through the prediction of daily behavior, this prevents your Apple device from being directly charged to 100% when plugged in and charged. During the entire charging period, iDevice will quickly reach 80% of the power and then maintain at 80%. It didn't reach 100% of electricity until some time in the forecast. Reduce the number of times the battery reaches 100% to extend its battery life.

Optimized Battery Charging

After the device has collected enough charging routines, a notification of "OPTIMIZED BATTERY CHARGING ENABLED" appears on the device's lock screen. If you arrange the charging time of the iOS device to be unstable, the Optimized Battery Charging item will be invalid. In fact, this function is more effective for users who regularly charge the device. If you want to solve the problem that the battery of the iOS device is quickly depleted, this feature does not help to solve the problem. You need to consider whether it is a hardware failure or a software failure.

Part 2: One-click to enable Optimized Battery Charging function

If you are not sure whether Optimized Battery Charging is enabled on your device, then you can set and enable it according to the following steps.
1. Upgrade the device system to iOS 13. Then open the "Settings" app on the iOS device.
2. Swipe down to go to the "Battery" item, and then click "Battery health".
3. Enable the "Optimized battery charging" function.

Enable Optimized Battery Charging

Turn on this feature to optimize battery charging. By the way, RecoveryTool also provides another solution for repairing iPhone speakers not working properly.

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Optimize Battery Charging for iOS Devices

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