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Set Up a New iPhone

How to Set Up New iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Dec 30, 2019

"I just bought the iPhone 11 pro yesterday. This is my first time using an iOS device. Obviously, Android and iOS are two different systems. As a newbie, I hope you can give me more suggestions for using the iPhone. "
If you have used an iOS device before, you can use iTunes or iCloud for data transfer after setting up a new iPhone. In addition, you can refer to this article. It provides a transfer tool that makes it easier to transfer data between different iOS devices.
If this is your first time using an iPhone, see this article for setting up a new iPhone. However, the data of Android, Windows or BlackBerry mobile phones need to be transmitted through other methods.

New iPhone

Before proceeding, backing up the files on your old phone can effectively prevent data from being deleted or lost.
- iOS device users can use iTunes or iCloud to back up data.
- Android users can use Google to back up some data. If you need to backup videos, pictures and others, you need to use a professional data backup tool.
- BlackBerry users can use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to back up files.
In addition, another method often recommended by users is MobiTrans Transfer, which can simplify these tedious operations. The "Back Up Your Phone" function can easily back up data on old devices. At the same time, the "Phone to Phone Transfer" function can help users transfer data between different devices.

BlackBerry Desktop Software

Set up your new iPhone

1. Turn on the iPhone.
- Press and hold the device's power button until the Apple logo pops up, then release the power button.
- After the "Hello" screen appears, select the language type.
- Select your country or region.
- (Optional) Set Accessibility Options.
2. Select "Quick Start" or "Set Up Manually" according to the actual situation of the user.
3. Connect iPhone to WiFi, iTunes or cellular network to activate the device.
4. Some iPhone models need to set Face ID or Touch ID first and then set a six-digit password.
5. There are five options in the "App & Data" interface. Select one to transfer apps and data.
6. Enter your Apple ID and password, and log in.
7. On the "Keep Your iPhone Up to Data" screen, you can choose to update automatically or manually update iOS.
8. Set up Siri and other services.
9. Set Screen Time and other display options.

Hello Screen

Take a moment to learn about your new iPhone, and you will find that setting up your iPhone is not a difficult task. If files are lost during data transfer, you can use iOS data recovery tool or Android data recovery program to rescue.

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Set Up a New iPhone

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