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Set Up Siri on iPhone

How to Get Siri Up on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Feb 05, 2020

Siri is Apple's smart assistant. With Siri, you can let your iPhone help you do all kinds of amazing things. Apple users can use voice commands to operate mobile devices and applications. However, you may need to set up Siri properly before doing so. To get started with Siri quickly, you need to launch and set up Siri on your iPhone.

Part 1: Setting up Hey Siri correctly

1. Click the "Settings" icon.
2. Find the "Siri & Search" item. Then enable "Listen for Hey Siri".
3. After enabling, click "Enable Siri" to confirm.
4. Click the "Continue" button. Then Siri needs to recognize your voice.
5. Say the following words or sentences according to the prompts on the iPhone.
Hey Siri> Hey Siri, how's the weather today?> Hey Siri, it's me.
6. Once voice recognition is completed, you can use Hey Siri to activate Siri.

Get Siri Up on iPhone

Part 2: The second way to enable Siri

1. Click the "Settings" app.
2. Find the "Siri & Search" icon in the Settings interface. Then enable "Press Home for Siri".
3. Click "Enable Siri" to enable Siri.
4. After the setting is completed, you can start Siri through the Home button.

Set Up Siri

If you need to modify Siri's language, voice, and other options, you can find related content in the "Siri & Search" interface. If you have set up Siri correctly but Siri is not working then you can try to fix it.

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Set Up Siri on iPhone

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