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Skip Face ID to Unlock iPhone Faster

How to make iPhone skip Face ID when wearing a mask

Posted by Aimee , May 01, 2020

"My iPhone 8 has been in use for a while. I had to wear a surgical mask during work. However, Face ID could not recognize me. This caused me trouble. Should I disable Face ID?"
In the past, when iPhone enabled Face ID, the phone would try to read your face for identification. If the Face ID process fails, it will enter the password option. Due to the pandemic of the coronavirus, more and more people have to wear masks all the time. The reliability of Face ID worn by Apple users will be much worse. This is really annoying.

Face ID

Fortunately, Apple developers recently released iOS 13.5 Beta. This update simplifies the Face ID process. This way you don't need to risk removing the mask to let the iPhone recognize you. Swipe up to unlock, then you can quickly enter the password screen. The steps to quickly skip Face ID are as follows:
The steps to quickly skip Face ID are as follows:
1. Upgrade iOS to 13.5 beta 3.
2. Swipe up on the phone screen.
3. Click on the "Face ID" text and enter the password.

Skip Face ID

This trick helps to quickly unlock the iPhone on some specific occasions. Compared with optimizing the battery charging function of iOS devices, this function will be more urgent to meet people's current needs. It can avoid unnecessary delays.

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Skip Face ID to Unlock iPhone Faster

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