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Touch ID Not Working

Touch ID Not Working on iPhone? How to Fix It

Posted by Aimee , Dec 23, 2020

Touch ID is used to scan, read, and recognize fingerprints, which is a fingerprint sensor developed by Apple. This security tool was originally applied to iPhone 5S. Because this technology is widely appreciated by users, newer iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks have adopted this feature one after another. When Touch ID encounters a problem, Apple users cannot use their fingerprints to quickly access the iPhone. At the same time, authentication of Apple Pay and shopping on Apple digital media stores are no longer convenient. Read this article to learn how to fix Touch ID that cannot be used on iPhone.

1. Restart Touch ID on iPhones

- Click "Settings" on the "Home" screen.
- Click "Touch ID & Passcode" and enter the iPhone password.
- Switch "iPhone Unlock", "iTunes & App Store", "Apple Pay", and "Password Autofill" to off respectively.
- After restarting the iPhone, click "Settings" from the "Home" screen again.
- Click "Touch ID & Passcode" again, and enter the iPhone password.
- Turn on "iPhone Unlock", "iTunes & App Store", "Apple Pay", and "Password Autofill".
- Try to unlock iPhone with Touch ID.

Restart Touch ID

2. Keep your fingers and fingerprint reader clean

Dirt on the "Home" button and fingers will affect fingerprint reading. Use a cloth to wipe your fingers and clean the "Home" button. Avoid oil, water, and other influences on the normal operation of Touch ID.

3. Hard restart iPhone

Software or iOS system errors may cause touch ID problems, which can be solved by a forced restart.

Hard Restart

4. Remove the phone case or screen protector

When the Touch ID sensor cannot accurately read the fingerprint, it may be that the phone case or the screen protector is blocking the fingerprint scanner. Remove them and try again.

5. Reset iPhone network settings

- Go to "General" from the "Home" screen.
- After clicking "Reset", tap "Reset Network Settings".
- Enter the password and click "Reset Network Settings" to confirm.

Network Settings

If resetting the network settings does not solve the problem of Touch ID not working, then you need to try other methods.

6. Restore iPhone to factory settings

Restoring the iOS device to factory settings will delete all content on the phone. This is a very extreme operation, but sometimes it can have unexpected results. Before restoring factory settings, you need to use iTunes or iCloud to back up your data. And "iOS Data Backup & Restore" of RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery will be a more convenient backup method.
- Upgrade to the latest version of iTunes. Connect the iPhone to the computer after opening iTunes.
- In the upper left corner of the iTunes software interface you will be able to see the iPhone icon.
- After clicking the iPhone icon, tap the "Restore iPhone..." button.
- If you have already made a backup or have a backup available, then you can ignore the backup prompt.
- Click "Restore", and then wait for the iOS device to be restored.

7. Check the device and contact Apple

Check if the iPhone has hardware problems. Any damage on the device may cause Touch ID to not respond. If you do not have professional skills, then contacting Apple support or an authorized service center will be the last solution.


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Touch ID Not Working

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