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Transfer iPhone Files to Computer

How to Transfer iPhone Data to the Computer

Posted by Aimee , Feb 10, 2020

"I worry that the iPhone might crash or be stolen one day, but I don't want to use iTunes or iCloud to back up my files. I want to transfer iPhone data to my computer. The data contains pictures, music files, videos, messages, etc.
Do you know? Transfer iPhone data to the computer is a good choice. Transferring data directly between iPhone and PC can make life easier.  Although iTunes provides excellent services to manage music and videos on the iPhone. It helps to stream music, sync data from PC to iPhone, backup and restore data and much more. However, it is actually difficult for iPhone users to transfer files from iPhone to a computer. This article will show you how to transfer files (such as Whatsapp messages, photos, videos, etc.) from your iOS device to your computer.

Part 1: Transfer iPhone files to computer without iTunes

If you want to move iPhone data to your computer, you can only use some specific tools. This article provides a feasible solution. Use RecoveryTool iPhone Data Recovery to do the job.
1. Download this program from the RecoveryTool website. Start the software after installation.
2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Then select "iPhone Data Recovery" on the software interface.

iPhone Data Recovery

3. Select "Recover from iOS Device" in the following interface. When the iPhone is detected as connected, you can click the "Start Scan" button.

Recover from iOS Device

4. The recovery software will scan and display all the data on the iPhone. Select the required files on the interface of the data recovery tool, and then click "Recover" to save the data to your computer. This will move the iPhone files to the pc.

Transfer iPhone files to computer

This software is often used to retrieve lost text messages, contacts and other data on iOS devices. However, you can achieve the purpose of syncing iPhone data to your computer through this special operation method. If this method is not what you want, then it is recommended that you use iTunes to manage the data on your iPhone.

Part 2: Sync iPhone data to the computer via iTunes

1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC or Mac.
2. Connect iPhone to your computer before running the software.
3. Click the device icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes interface.
4. Tap "Settings" on the left side of the software interface and select the required file.
5. After clicking "Sync", then click "Apply" in the lower right corner to synchronize the data on the iPhone.


Part 3: Transfer photos from iPhone to computer via iCloud

If you just need to move pictures from iPhone to PC, then you can choose to use iCloud. With 5GB of free storage provided by iCloud, you can browse and save iPhone pictures on your computer.
1. Sync the required images to iCloud in advance, and then enter this URL iCloud.com on your computer browser.
2. Fill in the iCloud account and password.
3. Depending on the situation, you may need to enter a six-digit code for two-factor authentication.
4. Then you will see the photostream.
5. Double-click to view a single photo. In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a download option to download this image. 


In addition, iCloud is often used to sync, backup and restore files. If you need to transfer contacts and pictures to your Android device, you can use MobiTrans Transfer.

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Transfer iPhone Files to Computer

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