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How to Enable LTE on iPhone

Posted by Aimee , Jan 04, 2020

"My iPhone 6 was broken. I upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8. I have perfectly restored the backup file to the new iPhone. Recently, my partner has enabled VoLTE on his iOS device. I also intend to use this feature. But Apple Store employees tell me it's best not to use LTE. I'm confused about this."
LTE can improve call quality, but cellular data options on the iPhone will vary based on the carrier's network. Specific operations refer to this article.

Part 1: About VoLTE options

If the iPhone is enabled for LTE voice, then you can see "Off", "Voice & Data" and "Data Only" options.
If your iPhone cannot enable VoLTE, then you can see the options to enable LTE.
Note: The carrier, iPhone model and location will affect the LTE activation.

About VoLTE

Part 2: How to enable LTE

If your carrier and phone model both support VoLTE and the iPhone does not have LTE turned on by default, then you can turn on VoLTE manually. Click in the following order:
Method 1: Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Enable LTE
Method 2: Settings> Mobile Data> Enable LTE

Enable LTE

Part 3: How to disable VoLTE

Mobile network speed is unstable, and LTE will automatically turn off and open frequently, which will expedite battery power consumption. In this case, temporarily disabling LTE would be a good choice.
1. On the home screen, tap the Settings icon and find Cellular.
2. Tap Cellular Data Options, and then click Voice & Data.
3. Select the Off option in Enable LTE.
By following this user guide, you can easily choose between activating and deactivating LTE.

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Turn On LTE

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