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Update Your iPod

How to Update Your iPod

Posted by Aimee , Dec 20, 2019

"How do I upgrade iOS for iPod nano 7? I heard that upgrading iOS version can improve the user experience. As an Apple fan, I hope to have a better user experience. I don't have a computer, so I can't upgrade iPod through iTunes. Is there any other way to download the latest iOS firmware? "
iPod is a portable multifunctional digital multimedia player. Many users will find it unnecessary to upgrade iOS. In fact, iPod (iPod Touch, iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod classic, etc.) also needs to continuously upgrade the system software. Because the new iOS version can fix the errors of the old version and provide new features. In this article, you will learn how to upgrade the iPod's iOS firmware.

Method 1: Update iPod without iTunes

Most iOS devices can update the iOS mobile operating system wirelessly. With the device connected to Wi-Fi, perform the following operations.
1. Find the "Settings" icon in the screen interface of the iPod Touch.
2. Then click on the "General" item and find "Software update". After checking the version number of the iPod Touch, a pop-up window about iOS update information will appear.
3. Click the "Download and install" option. Then read the terms of service and confirm. After that, the iOS system files will be downloaded and updated automatically. Please ensure that the device has sufficient power to complete this operation.
If you get unknown errors during the iOS software upgrade process, you can use RecoveryTool Fix Recovery to fix these iOS bugs. And this fix software can help users update iOS firmware more conveniently.

Update Your iPod Touch

Method 2: Update iPod from iCloud

iPod can also upgrade iOS via iCloud. Click in the following order.
Settings> General> Software Update
Note: If a new iOS version is available, click the "Download and install" button to install the new iOS firmware. If data loss occurs during iOS updates, you can use data recovery program to recover lost music from iPod.

Method 3: Update your iPod using a computer

If the above method fails to upgrade the iPod operating system, then you can use iTunes to upgrade iOS.
1. Install iTunes on Windows or Mac.
2. Connect your iPod to your computer and find your device in the iTunes interface.
3. Click "General or Settings". Then tap "Check for Update". Finally, click "Download and Update".

To Update Your iPod

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Update Your iPod

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