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Bypass a Forgotten Passcode on iPhone

How to Bypass the Forgotten iPhone Passcode

Posted by Aimee , Jun 16, 2020

"I found an old iPhone 5 of my grandmother. No one remembers the password for this iOS device. I have tried several possible passwords, but none of them are correct. Now, the iPhone has been disabled. I can't access it anymore. I don't have a computer, so I can't unlock the iPhone via iTunes or iCloud. How do I delete the device's password and use the phone normally?"
In order to prevent strangers from using our device, many people will set a password for the iPhone to lock the screen. Losing or forgetting the iPhone passcode is a disaster. How can you unlock your iPhone without a passcode? Cracking complex passwords is not easy. But don't worry. Recently I learned that unlocking software can bypass the iPhone screen password. I will show you how to quickly wipe the iPhone passcode and access the device.

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Part 1: How to delete forgotten iPhone password

RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker is one of the great unlock tools. In the past, it was impossible to unlock the iPhone without a password. Now you can hack the iPhone passcode through it in a few minutes. Therefore, it only supports the legal use of iOS users.
1. After installing the unlock program, double-click the unlock software icon to start it. Then select the "Wipe Passcode" mode.

Wipe Passcode

2. Connect the iPhone to the computer and you can tap the "Start" button.


3. The software will display your device information. After confirming that it is correct, click the "Start" button.

Device Information

4. The program will take some time to download the required firmware.
5. After the download is completed, you can click "Unlock" to delete the iPhone password. To complete this operation, you also need to enter "0000" to finally confirm the unlock operation.


Note: After clearing the iPhone passcode, the data on the device will also be deleted.

Part 2: Restore iPhone through Recovery Mode

If the above simple method of removing the password is not what you need, then you can also try to use Recovery Mode to erase the iPhone password.
1. Before proceeding, please ensure that the device has at least 80% power.
2. Install iTunes on PC or Mac. Then connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

Connect The iPhone

3. Force restart your iPhone. The "Restore" or "Update" option will appear on the iTunes interface. It is recommended to choose the "Restore" option that takes less time.
4. After completing the iPhone settings, your iPhone will be restarted. Then you may be asked to enter your Apple ID. When you can use your device normally, you can find the Touch ID & Passcode item in Settings to turn off the password.
In some cases, using Recovery Mode can also solve the problem. It depends on your needs.

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Bypass a Forgotten Passcode on iPhone

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