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Change Restrictions on iPhone

Ways to Change Restrictions on iPhone With or Without Passcode

Posted by Aimee , Aug 09, 2020

"Enable the restriction passcode in the new iOS device is a happy thing. If you forget this passcode, then it will be a painful experience. And I just ran into such a thing. I forgot the iPhone restrictions password. Even though I tried many password combinations, it is still incorrect. Any ideas are commendable. Thanks!"
People are accustomed to using the screen passcode, PIN passcode, fingerprint ID, or Face ID to protect the security of the device. On iOS devices, you can also add another data protection mode that is a restriction passcode, which can restrict other people from accessing specific applications to provide additional protection. In the case of remembering the password, it is not difficult to reset the passcode. When this password is lost, this is another situation. You will lose access to some applications and even bring some serious consequences. To overcome this dilemma, you can read this article on changing the restrictions of the iPhone with or without the passcode. It may provide you with some inspiration to fix this problem.

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Part 1: Reset restrictions on iPhone (with Passcode)

If you remember the restriction password of the device, it is not difficult to change the password.
1. Tap the "Settings" app on the iPhone.
2. Go to "General", then find the "Restrictions" item and enter the passcode.


3. Click "Disable Restrictions" to turn off the restriction password function. Then click "Enable Restrictions" to reset the restriction password. After entering the new passcode, you can complete the reset of the restricted password.

Change restriction passcode on iPhone with iOS 12 or later

1. You can find "Screen Time" in "Settings". Then click "Change Screen Time Passcode".
2. Select one of "Change Screen Time Passcode" and "Turn Off Screen Time Passcode". Select the first item to proceed to the next step.
3. You will be asked to enter the old restriction password. Then follow the prompts to enter the new restriction passcode. After confirming the change operation, the four-digit restriction password can be reset.

Reset Restrictions on iPhone

Changing the password through official methods does not involve bypassing or removing operations, so please try to use this method.

Part 2: Change iPhone restrictions without knowing the password

If you don't know the restriction password, you can also use RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker to unlock it. This is an efficient way to remove restriction passcode. To quickly change the iPhone restriction passcode, please do the following:
1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer, and then temporarily disable the "Find My iPhone" function.
2. Download this unlock tool from RecoveryTool, and then install it on your computer.
3. Enable the password bypass program and select "Screen Time". Then immediately connect the iPhone to the PC.

Screen Time

4. Click the "Start" button. You can erase the restriction passcode after following the on-screen instructions.

Change iPhone Restrictions

It is a surprising solution to adjust the restriction passcode setting through an intuitive interface.

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Change Restrictions on iPhone

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