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How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock via Third-party Tools

Posted by Aimee , Mar 13, 2021

"A few years ago, my sister's iPad was locked. Then she put the iOS device in a drawer. Recently, she gave me the iPad. But the iCloud Activation Lock could not be erased. I tried searching for a solution on Bing. iPad still can't remove the lock. And those websites that claim to be able to remove the iCloud Activation Lock, all need to charge a lot of money. Are there other better suggestions?"
iCloud Activation Lock enhances the security of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can well protect and control the data on the device. The iOS device can only be accessed if the user name and password of the correct Apple ID are used. If you buy or be given a second-hand iOS device, you will face the problem of removing the iCloud Activation Lock. It is not easy to delete this Activation Lock. In this case, you can refer to the method mentioned in the article. 

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Remove Activation Lock on the web

If you see the Activation Lock screen on your iOS device, you can ask the previous owner to perform these steps to erase it.
1. Visit iCloud.com in a browser. Then log in to the Apple ID.
2. Select "Find [device]".
3. Click "All Devices" at the top of the screen. Then select one of the devices you want to delete from iCloud.
4. Tap "Erase [device]", and then click "Next".
5. Finally click "Remove from Account". 

Delete iCloud Activation Lock through a third-party tool 

If you are not unable to contact the previous owner, then you need professional unlocking iCloud software. RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker is one of these powerful unlocking tools, which allows you to bypass the iCloud lock.
1. Download and install this iCloud activation lock removal tool on your computer. Then start it.
2. Click the "Remove Apple ID" function. The program will ask you to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Remove Apple ID

3. Tap the "Start" button to go to the next step. If the "Find My [device]" function is turned off, then the iCloud Activation Lock will be quickly removed.
4. After all operations are completed, the original iCloud account will be cleared. The iOS device will be able to be set as a new one.

iCloud Activation Removal Tools

This operation will format all content on the device and cannot be recovered

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iCloud Activation Removal Tools

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