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iPad is Disabled and Wont Connect to iTunes

iPad is Disabled and Connect to iTunes Error? How to Fix

Posted by Aimee , Aug 29, 2020

"I have an iPad that was disabled because I forgot the password. When I tried to connect the iPad to iTunes, the iOS device screen displayed the error message 'iPad is disabled connect to iTunes'. How can I access my iPad normally again? "
Entering the wrong password on the iPad multiple times will cause the iPad to be disabled. If the iOS device can be recognized by iTunes normally, you can connect the iPad to iTunes to fix it. If the iPad is disabled and cannot connect to iTunes, it is very difficult to solve this problem. To re-enable a disabled iPad, you can read some detailed instructions we provide.

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What caused the iPad to be disabled?

In order to protect users' privacy and data, Apple limits the number of times to enter a guessed password. If you enter the wrong password repeatedly on the iPad, the device will be gradually disabled.
Wrong attempts within 5 times: iPad will not be disabled.
The 6th wrong attempt: iPad will be disabled for 1 minute.
The 7th wrong attempt: iPad will be disabled for 5 minutes.
The 8th wrong attempt: iPad will be disabled for 15 minutes.
The 9th wrong attempt: iPad will be disabled for one hour.
The 10th wrong attempt: iPad will need to connect to iTunes.

iPad will be disabled for 1 minute

Part 1: Official repair plan for disabled iPad

If the iPad is in a disabled state, then connecting it to iTunes can solve this problem.
1. Update the iTunes of the desktop or laptop to the latest version, and then turn off the iPad.
2. Long press the "Home" button on the iPad until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
3. After iDevice is connected to the computer, a message about "An iPad has been detected in recovery mode" will pop up.

An iPad is in Recovery Mode

4. Then a message about "There is a problem with iPad 'iPad' that requires it to be updated or restored" will pop up on the computer screen, click "Restore" to move to the next step. Click the "Restore" button again to confirm the erasure of all data and settings on the iPad.
5. Just click "Restore and Update".
6. When the restoration is completed, the disabled iPad can be restored to normal.
If you encounter an error that the iPad cannot connect to iTunes, then you need to use another solution.

Part 2: Repair disabled iPad without iTunes

When the iPad is disabled and cannot be connected to iTunes, the conventional solutions are powerless. At this time, you can try RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker. This third-party tool allows you to unlock a disabled iOS device without using iTunes. In addition, you will not lose data on disabled iOS devices using RecoveryTool's unlocking software.
1. Download this unlocking software on your computer. It can be applied to PC or Mac.
2. After the download is completed, install it on your computer. Then, you can run this tool.
3. Before selecting the "Wipe Passcode" mode, you need to connect the iPad to the computer via a USB cable.

Wipe Passcode

4. Tap the "Start" button, and then confirm the iPad information.


5. Click "Start" again to download the required firmware.

Fix A Disabled iPad

6. After downloading the firmware, you can click "Unlock" to remove the iPad screen password.


When the disabled iPad is unlocked, you may be able to indirectly fix the error connecting to iTunes.

Part 3: Use iCloud to repair disabled iPad

Many times people will rely on iTunes to fix problems on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. When iOS devices cannot be recognized by iTunes or cannot establish a connection with iTunes, people will panic. Without considering third-party tools, iCloud is another option. If there is no important data on the iPad, then using iCloud to unlock is also a feasible solution.
1. Visit the official website of iCloud on your computer.
2. Enter your Apple ID and password to access iCloud.

Website of iCloud

3. Click on your disabled iPad in the "All Devices" option.
4. Then click "Erase Device" to completely delete all data on the iPad.
5. After erasing all the settings and files on the iPad, the restrictions on the iPad can be lifted and the error that the iPad cannot connect to iTunes can be bypassed.
It is not difficult to solve the problem of "My iPad/iPhone is disabled and says connect to iTunes", and it can be solved in time by referring to the method in Part 1. If you encounter an error that iTunes cannot connect, you need to use RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker or iCloud to unlock the iPad. You can choose the tool to solve the problem according to your needs.

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