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Remove Apple ID From iPad

How to Remove Apple ID from iPad

Posted by Aimee , Jul 03, 2020

"I plan to give the old iPad to my husband for use. He has his own Apple ID. We don't want to delete the data on the iOS device. Can I remove my Apple ID from the iPad and then add my husband's Apple ID to the iPad Touch? I want to confirm before proceeding."
Apple ID is required for iTunes, iCloud, iMessage, App Store, etc. Therefore, Apple ID is very important for all iOS devices. When you get a used iPad or an iPad given by someone else, it is best to ask the other party to delete the iPad from the Apple ID device list. This article will introduce how to remove Apple ID from the iPad.

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Part 1: Quickly erase Apple ID on iPad

There are some reasons why you cannot delete Apple ID from the iPad. For these extreme situations, you can use RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker, which is a versatile unlocking software that can remove Apple ID without a password.
1. Download this tool for free from RecoveryTool. Then, install it on your computer.
2. Double-click the unlock icon on the computer desktop. Then connect the iPad to the desktop with a USB cable.
3. Select "Remove Apple ID" mode, this mode will delete all settings and data of iPad.

Remove Apple ID

4. Keep the iPad and computer connected during this period. Then click the "Start" button to proceed to the next step.

Delete Apple ID

5. When "Find My iPad" has been disabled, this program will automatically delete your Apple ID. Otherwise, follow the prompts on the software interface.

Successfully Removed

Once the Apple ID is successfully removed, you can reset the new Apple ID on the iPad and restore the data from the backup file.

Part 2: Remove the device from the Apple ID device list

In addition to the part 1 method, you can also remove the iPad from the Apple ID list. After deletion, the removed iPad will lose access to iCloud and Apple services.

- Remove iPad from Apple ID account page

1. Access the Apple ID account page in a browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

Apple ID Account Page

2. After logging in to the Apple ID, scroll down to find the "Devices" option.
3. Select the iPad to be removed and click "Remove".

- Delete iPad with Mac

1. Click the Apple menu on the Mac.

Apple Menu

2. Go to "System Preferences" and find the "Apple ID" item.
3. All iOS devices will be listed in the left menu bar, select the device to be deleted. Then click the "Remove from Account" button to clear it from the list.

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Remove Apple ID From iPad

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