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How to Unlock an iPhone Locked by iCloud

Posted by Aimee , Jun 25, 2020

"iPhone is locked by iCloud. Can I remove this lock through the factory reset? I forgot my Apple ID password. After entering the wrong password multiple times, the Apple ID is locked. In addition, I cannot access my old mobile phone number. So I can't use Apple's unlock applet. What should I do next?"
When the iPhone is stolen or lost, many people will try to locate the device using the "Find My iPhone" function. Sometimes it is not easy to get the lost phone back. To protect the security of personal data, you can use iCloud to lock your iOS device. This is a good anti-theft function. If you forget your iCloud password or accidentally buy an iPhone locked by iCloud, this is big trouble. Without proper methods, you will find that the iPhone is stuck in the iCloud activation screen. There are many companies that provide unlocking services, but they are not 100% effective. This article will provide some other more convenient ways to remove the activation lock.

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Part 1: Wipe iCloud lock for iPhone

The process of removing unlocked services is cumbersome. If you need a simpler solution, the RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker is a good choice to reset your phone.
1. Download the iPhone Unlocker program from the RecoveryTool website on your computer. After installation, enable the unlocking software.
2. Select the "Remove Apple ID" function, and then connect the iPhone to the computer.
Remove Apple ID

3. The unlock tool will automatically delete the original Apple ID and iCloud account. If the "Find My iPhone" function is not turned off, then you need to reset all settings on the iOS device according to the software interface prompts.


4. After the above operations are completed, the Apple ID and iCloud account can be erased.


Part 2: Bypassing iCloud lock through DNS

This method is effective for most iPhone users, so it is worth trying.
1. Find "Settings" on the iPhone screen and go to "Wi-Fi". Then click the "i" icon next to the WiFi network.
2. Delete the DNS settings in the next interface, and then enter the following parameters according to the location.
- European users:
- USA/North America users:
- Asian users:
- Users in other regions:


3. After successfully entering the correct settings, click "Back" to select "Activation Help" in the next options. Without incident, you will receive a "You have successfully connected to my Server." message.
Note: This is an alternative solution.

Part 3: Other unlock methods

1. Click "Menu" and then go to "Applications". After tapping "Crash", the iOS device will restart.
2. After selecting the language and country, find the WiFi settings and then tap the "i" icon next to the WiFi network. Scroll down and find the "HTTP PROXY" item under "Menu".
3. List 30 emoticons in Server. Then, list more than 15 random characters in the Port Zone.


4. Before successfully entering the Home screen, you will repeatedly encounter the language and unlock the screen.
After that, you can use your iPhone normally. However, this is not a perfect solution. In some cases, you need to repeat this operation.

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Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

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