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Unlock iOS Device Without Dr.Fone

How to Unlock iOS Device Without Dr.Fone

Posted by Aimee , Jul 09, 2020

"Before my neighbor moved here, he gave me an old iPhone. Then I forgot about it. Not long ago, my Android phone fell from the table to the ground. Its screen was damaged and could not be used.
Now I urgently need another mobile phone that can be used temporarily. At this time, I remembered this iOS device. However, I don't remember the password to lock the screen. I know that Dr.Fone can unlock the iPhone, but the price is too expensive. Is there any other free method?"
iOS devices are part of the life of many Apple fans. Once the iOS device stops working due to unexpected conditions, then people will desperately need to get out of this dilemma. Some people will recommend using Wondershare software to repair the iOS system. In fact, the principle of all iOS system repair program is similar, so we will not explain it in detail. For devices that have forgotten the password, using Dr.Fone to remove the password is not an optimal choice. This article provides several solutions for unlocking iOS devices without Dr.Fone.

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Part 1: Free solution to unlock iOS devices

1. Restore the device from the backup file.
- Connect the iOS device to the computer that has done data backup.
- Run iTunes. After entering the software interface, find "iPhone Summary".

iPhone Summary

- Click "Restore Backup". It can be found in "Backups".
- Select the latest backup file in the list. Then click the "Restore" button.
Note: This method needs to fill in the Apple ID information to confirm the restore operation of the iOS device.
2. Use Recovery Mode to clear all data on the iOS device.
- Turn off the device as usual. Then, connect the iOS device to the computer via a USB cable.
- Perform a hard reset on the device. Press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until the prompt "Connect to iTunes" appears.

Hard Reset

- Click "Restore" on iTunes to delete all settings and data on the device.
If your iOS device is stuck in recovery mode before erasing the screen password, you can only ask for help from Genius Bar and no other way.

Part 2: Use other unlock tools to unlock iOS devices

These free unlock methods have certain restrictions. If they are not what you need, then unlocking the software is also an option. Dr.Fone is one of the unlocking programs, but RecoveryTool iPhone Unlocker will be more professional and more comprehensive. So it's worth a try.
1. Install this tool on Windows or Mac, and then run it. Select the "Wipe Password" mode, and then tap the "Start" item.

Wipe Password

2. Connect the iOS device to the desktop computer, and then click "Trust this computer" in the pop-up window of the device screen.
3. The screen will then display the basic information of your device. When the information is correct, click the "Start" button.


4. The software will download the firmware package to the iOS device. Then click the "Unlock" button, in order to confirm the unlock operation you need to enter 0000.

Unlock iOS Device Without Dr.Fone

After the operation process is completed, you can unlock the iOS device without Dr.Fone. Then reset a new lock screen password.

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Unlock iOS Device Without Dr.Fone

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