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Duolingo App Data to Android

How to Transfer Duolingo App Data from Android to Android

Posted by Aimee , Jul 19, 2019

As a language learning app, Duolingo is now becoming more and more popular among Android users. There are many lessons for users to learn and practice among several foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and so on. And the app can even remember your study process. It is obvious that the data on the app are much more important than the app itself. So once you want to use a new phone, you need to transfer all those data on the new phone.
However, it is always not easy for users to transfer Duolingo app data since some of your data may lose. Therefore, many users may have inquired the question that how to transfer app data from Android to Android safely and easily. So here we will, take Duolingo an example to show you how to transfer app data.
MobiTrans Transfer is an excellent data transfer software which can help to transfer app data like Duolingo. Besides, always all the phones with Android version are available.

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Guide: How to Transfer Duolingo App Data from Android to Android

Step 1. Install the Software

To begin with, let's download and install the software on the computer. Launch the program and then there will be several modes for you to choose. Here let’s click "Phone to Phone Transfer".

MobiTrans Transfer

Step 2. Get Ready for the Transfer

Connect both of your new and old devices to the computer. The program will detect your devices automatically and then recognize them. They will be shown as "Source" and "Destination" device. Make sure that the order is correct, if not, click "Flip" to exchange.


Step 3. Transfer Duolingo App Data

There is a box between the two devices on the screen. Here you can choose the data you want to transfer. To transfer Duolingo app data, let's choose "App Data (Root)" and click "Start Transfer".
In a few minutes, all your Duolingo app data will be transferred to the new devices safely.

Duolingo App Data to Android

The problem how to transfer Dulingo app data has already been solved now. You can have a try. Besides, you can try to transfer other apps' data like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or so on. For more detail information, just download the software and have a try.

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Duolingo App Data to Android

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