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Music from iPad to iPad

Tips for transferring music from iPad to iPad

Posted by Aimee , Mar 19, 2020

"I use iTunes to download music to iPad Air. However, I don't know how to download new music to my friend's iPad Pro. I plan to back up these music files on iCloud and transfer songs to the iPad via iCloud automatic download. Will this work? Please help me! "
Hear some wonderful music on the iPad and want to share them with relatives or friends? You bought a new iPad and need to sync music files from the old iPad to the new iPad? You don't have a desktop computer and don't know how to copy songs between two iPads? According to the data transmission requirements of different devices or different situations, this article provides different solutions.

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Part 1: Quickly move music files between two iPads

MobiTrans Transfer can transfer multiple music files between different iPads at lightning speed. For the need to move songs quickly and easily, MobiTrans Transfer is a good choice. It allows you to sync pictures, contacts, SMS and other files to different devices without having to enable iTunes.
1. Download this data transfer tool on your computer. After installing the file transfer software, go to "Phone to Phone Transfer".


2. Connect the two iPads to the computer through the USB cable, and the iPad that outputs the data needs to be the "Source" on the program interface. Then, select "Music". After everything is ready, you can click "Start Copy" to switch songs to different iPads at will.

Transferring Music from iPad to iPad

Only two steps are needed to complete the data transfer between different devices. Save people valuable time.

Part 2: Sync music from iPad to another iPad via iTunes

Transferring songs using iTunes can be time-consuming. If you have to use this method, you can browse these steps.
1. Connect the iPad on which you want to output song files to a computer that has iTunes installed.
2. After running iTunes, click the "File" menu. Then find the "Devices" button in the menu bar and go to "Transfer Purchases from iPad".
3. Connect the iPad that you want to receive music files to your computer.
4. After clicking the "Device" button, find the "Music" icon. Check the "Sync Music" button.
5. Select the music to be copied and click the "Apply" button to transfer the purchased songs.

Sync Music

If you need a free method, iTunes is also a method. If you need to transfer music files from iPod to iPhone, we recommend using a professional data transfer tool.

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Music from iPad to iPad

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