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Transfer Data from iPhone to iPad

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPad

Posted by Aimee , Nov 14, 2019

"For the convenience of my work, I installed Pythonista on my iPhone. Recently, I plan to use the iPad to complete the rest of the project. Airdrop can transfer a single Pythonista file from the iPhone to the iPad. However, is there a way to sync the entire Pythonista folder to the iPad? Via iTunes? Via iCloud? "
This is a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. For the problem of data transmission, this article will give guidance. Guide you how to move files from iPhone to iPad.

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Part 1: Transfer iPhone data to iPad with one click

Before we explain how to sync data through iCloud, we will first introduce how to transfer data from iPhone to iPad through file transfer tool. why? Because not everyone uses iCloud's paid service. If there are a lot of pictures and videos on the iPhone, the free 5G cloud storage space can't meet our daily needs. So many people have not used iCloud. For this situation, MobiTrans Transfer can solve this problem very well. It takes only three simple steps to complete the file transfer process.
Step 1. Download this software on the RecoveryTool website. And installed it on PC or Mac.
Step 2. Run the data transfer tool. Then connect the iPhone and iPad to your computer separately. Select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" function.

Transfer Tool

Step 3. After ensuring that the iPhone is the file transfer source, select the file type to be transferred. Then click on the "Start Copy" icon to move the data.

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPad

Part 2: Sync iPhone files to iPad via iCloud

If you have the habit of using iCloud, you can send iPhone data to the iPad by following the steps below.
1. Use iCloud to back up your data on your iPhone.
Note: There are three types of iCloud data backups.
iCloud Library
The data that iCloud Library can back up includes images, contacts, call logs, SMS, and more.
iCloud Drive
iCloud Drive can back up the documents and data of the application.
iCloud Backup
The file types that iCloud Backup can back up include device settings, app data, text messages, etc.

2. Operate in the following order on the iPad.
Settings > General > Reset.
3. Click on "Erase All Contents and Settings" to erase the data on the iPad. After the iOS device restarts, follow the on-screen instructions. Find and click on the "Restore from iCloud Backup" item to restore the data.

Transfer iPhone Data to iPad

4. Log in to the iCloud account used by iPhone and iPad.
5. Ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is not interrupted. Select a backup file for data transfer.
6. The speed of file transfer depends on the amount of data in your backup file and the speed of your network. Sometimes it takes hours to complete.
When the above steps are completed, the data on the iPhone will be synced to the iPad.

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Transfer Data from iPhone to iPad

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