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Transfer Music from iPad to iPad

How to Transfer Music from Old iPad to New iPad

Posted by Aimee , Nov 06, 2019

"On my birthday, my mother sent me a new iPad. Now, I want to sync the music from the old iPad to the new iPad. The old iPad has at least a few hundred music. I don't want to transfer one by one. What is the easy way?"
Transfer music files is not a complicated task. However, if you don't have the proper method, moving the song will become a time-consuming job. I didn't know these tips before. It took me more than an hour to download all the music files from iTunes to my new iPad Pro. After I searched and read a lot of articles, I found that music file transfer can be a very simple matter.

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Part 1: How to quickly transfer music between two iPads

If you want to transfer songs as quickly as possible, then MobiTrans Transfer is the best choice. It takes only three steps to sync music files from the old iPad to the new iPad.
1. Install and run the software.
2. Before connecting the two devices to the computer, select the "Phone to phone transfer" function on the software interface.

Phone to phone transfer

3. Take the new iPad as your destination. After checking "Music", click the "Start Copy" button to sync data.

Transfer Music from Old iPad to New iPad

With MobiTrans Transfer, files in your music library will be quickly synced to different devices. Save a lot of time.

Part 2: Traditional music transmission method

Method 1: Many people may download songs again on the new iPad via iTunes. This is also a method. However, you can also move music between different devices via iTunes, but it is also time-consuming.
1. Run iTunes on your computer. Then connect the old iPad to your computer via USB.
2. Click the iPad device button and find the "Transfer purchases from iPad" option.
3. Connect the new iPad to your PC.
4. Tap the Device button and navigate to the song.
5. After clicking "Sync Music", select the music you want to transfer in iTunes.
Method 2: If you don't mind moving music files manually, you can use AirDrop to transfer files between two iPads.
1. After turning on the Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth of the two iPads, turn on the AirDrop of the two devices.
2. Run the Music app on your old iPad
3. Tap the music file you want to transfer.
4. Find the AirDrop below the song. And choose another iPad.
5. Click "Accept" on the target iPad to sync the music.

Transfer Music from iPad to iPad with iTunes

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Transfer Music from iPad to iPad

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